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[Ebook] ➩ Mr. Memory and Other Stories of Wonder  ➨ Paul Michael Peters – Vejega.info Uttering The Name Mr Memory Evokes The Live Performances And Talk Show Appearances When He Would Impress The World With His Abilities Of Recollection His Clarity Of Remembrance Has Kept Listeners Captivated For Days While Sharing The Adventures Of His Life In This Collection Of Short Stories, We Learn The Truth About Mr Memory, The Fantastic Gone Unseen, And A World Of Wonder Which Can Inspire Us To Believe

10 thoughts on “Mr. Memory and Other Stories of Wonder

  1. Myrthe Myrthe says:

    Get a blanket, a nice cuppa and make yourself comfortable, because this is the perfect book to read after a long day of work The stories are short enough to read one or two, or seven oops when you re tired and want some entertainment before bed They are imaginative and original and I think I ll always be a big fan of Paul Peters works.

  2. Kristi Henry Kristi Henry says:

    Delightful These are great little stories, and they ve stuck with me Lines and situations keep popping up in my head since I ve read it I really enjoyed the character of Mr Memory too I d read .

  3. Christine Antosca Christine Antosca says:

    I haven t absolutely no idea what I just read Wasn t my type of book and I do enjoy short stories usually I won this book on goodreads giveaway

  4. Chelseyam Chelseyam says:

    One of the things I look for in a collection of short stories is whether or not the stories can stand on their own In this case, they certainly can and they mesh well together too The author really has created a magical collection here that made me look at my day from a different perspective This is the type of collection that you can put down for a little while and pick up again without be

  5. Valery Valery says:

    Mr Memory and Other Stories of Wonder by Paul Michael Peters is a meandering collection of short stories that range from an old man s recollections in Mr Memory to a magical jacket to a vignette of photo taking in Savannah The stories appear to be interwoven in some roundabout ways Easy enough to read, these short vignettes are suitable for a quick read while enjoying a hot cup of something delicio

  6. Jimmy Jefferson Jimmy Jefferson says:

    Collection of classic short storiesThe author has put together a good group of short stories that blend well in the storyline of the book but also have enough substance to be stand alone adventures I have only read short stories a few times but I did find these stories to be fulfilling and satisfying my reading curiosity while telling a good story This is the type of book to take to the doctors office or k

  7. Richie Richie says:

    Mr Memory and Other Stories of Wonder is a compilation of short stories which at times I found both interesting and confusing It begins with the narrator of the story going to interview a very famous man Mr Memory, who is able to recall just about anything and in vivid detail Some of the stories are quite entertaining, but like I said, only a few pages long Others well, are less engaging and even fewer pages All

  8. Shannon Shannon says:

    I recently won this book as a Goodreads Giveaway in return for my honest feedback.Read this book of ten short stories on a recent flight Most of the stories dragged me in which was really great in passing the time I really enjoyed the character of Mr Memory who is in three of the stories Such a great character I wanted of him I felt each story could be read in a single reading on their own if a reader was pressed for tim

  9. elizrdbthspeaks elizrdbthspeaks says:

    short stories, in KU if you have that service need a break, need an escape over and done perfect for a coffee break or other short quick moments in your life hints of mystery throughout clearing out my ARCs found this gem not sure how i got it not a giveaway but maybe a freebie some where along the lines i find i need 2 do this every once in a while clean up the kindle and it is amazing what you do find.

  10. Lynn Kidd Lynn Kidd says:

    Mr Memory and Other Stories of Wonder by Paul Michael Peters was a wonderful collection of short stories The writer was able to blend the stories together so that you did not loose interest or become confused I love the three answers that Mr Memory gave and his recollection of days gone by I would definitely recommend this book to everybody Just beware they may be short stories but you will have a hard time putting the book down.

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