Naked To The Bone: Medical Imaging In The Twentieth

Naked To The Bone: Medical Imaging In The Twentieth It s a good book Great historical narration of all imaging modalities, how we went from one to the other, and how the clinicians and public adopted them It s pretty tiring to read though it s almost like studying, especially towards the latest chapters. Actually not very good This was a surprisingly readable and entertaining book with lots of juicy trivia tidbits Amazing to see the impact of a technology on medical treatment but also society at large. Fascinating Good if you re interested in history of medical imaging. A century ago, the living body, like most of the material world, was opaque Then Wilhelm Roentgen captured and X ray image of his wife s finger her wedding ring floating around a white bone and our range of vision changed forever By the s, X ray technology was common place all army recruits had lined up for chest pictures during WWI, and children were examining the bones of their feet in shoe store fluoroscopes, spectacularly unaware of the radiation they were absorbing Through lucid prose, vivid anecdotes, and over seventy striking illustrations, science writer Bettyann Holtzman Kevles shows how X rays and the subsequent daughter technologies CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound transformed the practice of medicine from pediatrics to neurosurgery , the rules of evidence in courts, and the vision of artists

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