Navy Husband Kindle Ê Paperback

Navy Husband Kindle Ê Paperback Hi Ali, Just a quick note from your ever loving sister Wanted to bring you up to date on how things are going with Jazmine After all, I am according to the Navy your official parenting plan I adore Jazmine But who knew that a nine year old had so many opinions Including an opinion on my love life or lack thereof I m pretty sure she s trying to set me up with that friend of yours, Adam Kennedy Excuse me Lieutenant Commander Adam KennedyYeah, yeah, I know He s great looking and very helpful if a little dictatorial , but I am not in the market for a Navy husbandDo me a favor tell your daughter that, okay Love you Miss youShana

10 thoughts on “Navy Husband

  1. Penguin Penguin Penguin Penguin says:

    I read it all in one day A very good read.

  2. Christie Moore Christie Moore says:

    The final book in the Navy series Ali who is the Navy tragically lost her Navy husband She Here assigned to ship duty for 6months Her daughter must live with her sister I adore Jazmine A procotious 9 yr old Way too smart for her own britches Don t worry no steamy sexual parts like in the 1st five.

  3. Dixie-Lee Campbell Dixie-Lee Campbell says:

    really I felt it was a solid 4 to 4 1 2 I am saying this because when I compare Navy baby to this book that is how I came up with its rating Navy Baby was an awesome book in this series I had a full review for Navy Babyin the series but lost it when I jigging around my shelves in Goodreads Will eventually post another.Lost acomplete review to this one too oops again at the same time

  4. Rachel Sides Rachel Sides says:

    This novel moved fast with two romances happening But a nine year old stole the show.

  5. Pam Pam says:

    Navy Husband is by Debbie Macomber This novel deals with being married to a naval officer and losing him and falling for one It deals with Naval families having to leave their children behind when ordered abroad It is a very good book and easy to read Shana has her life in an uproar She broke up with her boyfriend after five years, decided to leave town, spent her savings for an ice crea

  6. Pam Pam says:

    Nine year old Jazmine is the precocious daughter of a Navy mom She s the real hero and match maker of this story Aunt Shana is helping her widowed sister by watching over Jazmine while her mom is out to sea Shana made an impulsive move and bought a pizza ice cream shop after a failed romance She certainly wants no man in her life now Jazmine s godfather Navy man and her dad s best friend w

  7. Tina Meyers Tina Meyers says:

    Debbie s romance stories are great reads for relaxing and dreaming of the perfect love story The two sisters, Shana and Ali, remind me of my own sister The Navy references remind me of my life as a Navy brat and AF wife That only made the storyenjoyable to me because it was relatable Little Jazmine is a character with her child personality and grown up intentions She somehow manages to get b

  8. Joyce Joyce says:

    A quick an easy read Shana breaks up with Brad, her male friend of 5 years and decides it s time for a fresh start She leaves her job, moves to Seattle, and buys an ice cream pizza shop Then Shana s sister calls to ask a favor Ali, a navy nurse, has been called into service on the USS Woodrow Wilson and she needs a someone to watch her 9 year old daughter Jazmine, for her 6 month tour of duty

  9. Phylisha Stone Phylisha Stone says:

    Nine year old Jasmine is staying with her Aunt Shana while her single mom Ali is deployed in the Navy Jasmine is a funny, quirky, intelligent young girl who is trying to set her Aunt Shana up with the best friend of her deceased father Jasmine keeps this book funny and upbeat with her undercover activites the get them together Fun read.

  10. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    As an Air Force wife 22 years retired I really appreciated this Navy series The problems are common to all branches of the military and the author made me laugh and made me cry How appropriate to finish this series on Memorial Day.

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