New Surgeon at Ashvale A&E ePUB Ô New Surgeon

New Surgeon at Ashvale A&E ePUB Ô New Surgeon Swapping her white coat for wellies and a pram Dr Ruby Martyn s life is in chaos She s just been left holding her runaway sister s baby and has shared one magical kiss with her new boss the infuriatingly gorgeous Dr Sam Boyd Leaving the bustle of the emergency room for her family s remote farm is the hardest decision Ruby s ever made But there, she ll be able to put her niece first Without Ruby s dedication and boundless energy, Ashvale AE is in trouble And so, Sam realises, is he For Sam, convincing Ruby to come back to Ashvale might be important but first on his agenda is winning her heart for ever

10 thoughts on “New Surgeon at Ashvale A&E

  1. Caro Caro says:

    This was an ok book The characters were mainly good and I liked the basics of the plot However, this book seemed really slow moving and the characters personalities weren t really strong The last part of the book was probably my favorite part, it seemed to pick up speed and a lothappened There were some really goo

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