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Paperback  î Night Driving eBook Ê How do you spell disaster For former army captain Boone Toliver, it s his sister s wedding to a man she hardly knows, and he ll die before he lets that happen Boone has five days to get from Montana to Florida with an injured leg And his only option is hitching a ride with his free spirited neighbor, hairstylist Tara Duvall whose body makes his mouth water and his libido burnWith each passing mile, the magnetic pull between them grows stronger, and Boone s trademark control is slipping away But when his sex drive takes the wheel, will he be able to stop the wedding in time

10 thoughts on “Night Driving

  1. Abra Abra says:

    I really liked this book and the reason it got three stars rather than four is that the story just stops The characters were interesting and likable and I enjoyed their backstories It s not a spoiler in a romance novel to say that at the end they are in love and decide to stay together The problem is that I cared about how the issues in the backstories were going to

  2. Geli Geli says:

    Cute story Slightly on the repetitive side but still a good read Kinda wish they had ended it differently, with Tara finding out about her mother But the story was kind of starting to drag on so I understand ending it where they did Wouldn t mind reading another by this author.

  3. Morgan Morgan says:

    Sexy roadtrip read.

  4. Lori Lori says:

    Fun road trip story Boone and Tara are neighbors Tara is moving back home to Florida and Boone needs to get to Florida to stop his sister from getting married Boone is still recovering from any injury he sustained while serving in the military He can t drive,so he hitches a ride with Tara So many laugh s along the way I loved these two characters

  5. Cassie Cassie says:

    Meh Nothing earth shattering but it was a decent read.

  6. David Bailey David Bailey says:

    Lori Wilde is one of my favorite romance writers Her books especially her 20 Blaze books are well developed romances with a fair amount of semi explicit sexual content Her descriptions of the sexual encounters are not pornographic, but somewhat explicit at times But the sexual encounters are necessary for the story There is no gratitous sex It always fits perfectly into the story line And above all else, Lori

  7. Pam Pam says:

    Night Driving is by Lori Wilde This is a really quick book to read and one just maid for reading on the go It is a cute book and I liked it Boone Toliver, a former army captain, has to get to the Florida Keys in time to stop his sister s wedding to a man she has known for only a couple of weeks He knew the pain of a divorce and didn t want his sister to have those same pains His problem is that he is in Montana, just h

  8. Deborah (LoveToReadRomance) Deborah (LoveToReadRomance) says:

    Well written with a great storyline I loved watching the chemistry develop between these two opposites Tara s perky personality is a perfect complement to Boone s moodiness The story was at times dramatic and at times hilarious Who knew there were so many things that could go wrong on a road trip It was intriguing to witness the sexual chemistry between these two as they developed a real relationship Next read Smooth Sailing, B

  9. Sonali Rakesh Sonali Rakesh says:

    I couldn t put the book down from the start till the end Its a very funny story between two very different people travelling together when mercury was in retrograde Very well written story with deep emotional scenes of understanding ones survival mechanism in this difficult world This is a no nonsense romance and I loved reading it.

  10. Shh I& Shh I& says:

    I didn t care about the characters and by the time I got halfway through the book decided it wasn t worth continuing I ve enjoyed Wilde s books in the past, but definitely less than impressed with this one.

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