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Hardcover  ✓ Obabakoak PDF/EPUB Ê Uusi ni maailmankirjallisuudessa, tarinoiden tarina, kertomus kertomisesta baskikirjailijan omaper inen, viihdytt v ja lyllinen romaaniT m n kirjan nimi merkitsee Obaban tapahtumia Obaba on tarunomainen vuoristokyl , johon kirjankertomusta liittyv t Kertomukset ovat itsen isi , mutta punoutuvat toisiinsa monikerroksiseksi kokonaisuudeksi Henkil in tapaamme muiden muassa lemmest riutuvan opettajattaren joka tekee kohtalokkaan erehdyksen pojan jonka is saa aikuistumaan ovelan juonen avulla toisen pojan joka muuttuu villikarjuksi kaksi yst vyst , jotka kertovat toisilleen tarinoita pohtien samalla vanhan luokkakuvan her tt m arvoitusta voiko sisilisko ry mi ihmisen korvasta sis n ja sy d aivot Obabakoak on samalla kertaa tuore ja ajaton, se on meid n aikamme Decamerone tai Tuhat ja yksi y t Sen juuret ovat baskien maaper ss ja perinteiss , mutta my s muiden maiden kansatarinoissa, eurooppalaisessa kirjallisuudessa ja modernissa kirjallisuusteoriassa Atxaga istuttaa omat tarinansa olemassa oleviin tekstilajeihin, sekoittaa ja plagioi niit h n tarjoaa sek aitoa lukemisen riemua ett ty stett v ajatuksille H nen teostaan lukiessa tuntuu kuin p sisi seuraamaan itsens kirjallisuuden syntym

10 thoughts on “Obabakoak

  1. Tomas Ramanauskas Tomas Ramanauskas says:

    Welcome to the non existent place where quirky stories unfold written by a lighter Borges, less hopeless Kafka, all morphing into a gifted, witty Basque author Stories bounce off each other, barely connected, yet bound by ever present self reflecting nature of its narrators Strangely, in most cases, there are letters involved, written or planned to be written So despite the seemingly common facade, this book essentially becomes a collection of

  2. Jesse Jesse says:

    this is a wholly engaging novel, of love, cultural preservation, and the power of narrative all blended with an early hemingway prose infused with a healthy dose of magical realism and only the very best parts of this much maligned style atxaga examines not only what makes stories appealling but,importantly, why narrative endures this is really a hermetically sealed book which could be called a novel, or interconnected short stories, depending on if

  3. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly says:

    Obaba is a place, a Basque village Obabakoak means the people and things of Obaba originally written in Basque an almost dead language, understood only by a few , it was later translated into Spanish where it was received with acclaim in Europe This English version was a translation from the Spanish.I felt I could have written this book myself I had also lived in an Obaba during my younger years, an obscure town in a small island facing the Pacific Ocean Du

  4. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    Utterly lovely, and elegantly woven together.

  5. Michael Michael says:

    Though tagged a novel, Obabakoak is better described as a series of fictions, tied together only by their setting in the village of Obaba But each separate story is lovingly told, and the whole comes together to give the reader a great sense of place Atxaga also runs certain themes throughout the book, with different apparitions through the various fictions, that come together also to give the book that sense of wholeness not present in certain collections of stories.At

  6. Drew Drew says:

    This is how short stories are supposed to be tight, elegant, meaningful, and loosely interconnected Don t give me that minimalist, Carverite, slice of life bullshit.

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    This was a very interesting book On one level it s a collection of short stories that are only slightly related to each other by their settings most taking place in Obaba a Basque village or Hamburg but it sthan that Atxaga has intertwined thoughts on writing, literary interpretation, and what makes story good with tales that typify these thoughts These stories were entertaining and often thought provoking.Other reviewers have commented that there is a bit of magic realism in Obab Thi

  8. Adam Adam says:

    This book circumvents serious review by containing its own exegesis, and by existing from such subtle and deft construction that to explain or examine OBABAKOAK is to take something away from future readers Read this book Seriously, read this book I ll writelater.

  9. Irina Irina says:

    In our age of pragmatism and in our country, where social realism found a fertile audience, there has appeared a book of magic so unprepossessing that some mistake it for its opposite a clear description of a real place The many events in this book occur in a Basque village of Obaba a real place, according to its author After the Decadents and the Symbolists, and even the Romantics, we should beware of reality of phenomena and the ideality of words The events, however, are not as cl In our age of p

  10. Regan Regan says:

    At once a performative discourse on Basque literature, as well as a plagiarism of other archetypal stories, this book offers but a slinty glimpse of what it is to form oneself as an imaginative writer in a tongue that is largely unknown, without losing one s sense of place or history Significantly, this collection of tales is translated from Basque to Spanish, and only comes to the English speaking world by way of Spanish translation It s rather tragic, but perhaps fitting this translationa At once a perf

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