Of Monkeys and Dragons: Freedom from the Tyranny of

Of Monkeys and Dragons: Freedom from the Tyranny of This is a great book inspiring one to discover that we already have everything we need for LIFE and HEALTH. Of Moneys and Dragons is an inspirational tale of hope O Donnell began her journey with traditional medical training and experiences She then found the courage to transcend an established belief system to open one of the first holistic health care clinics in the US O Donnell takes the reader along the pathway filled with both pain and joy, with a message of miraculous healing and the tragedy of needless death O Donnell hopes readers will find the ability to unlock their spirit to a healthier, happier and fulfilled life Such a powerful book Forever will change my life I highly recommend She opens the door to possibilities that you never thought possible. I read this book the year it was published I am writing this review 15 years later, which isa note to say that this book had such an impact on my life that I am picking up this book to read and study once again. this is a great mind body connection book that explains how environmental, body and emotional toxins affect the adrenals and cause disease. I loved this book and would highly recommend this to anyone that has been diagnosed with disease or has a loved one that needs support and prayer.

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