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[Ebook] ➭ Old Flame (Morelli Family, #8)  ➬ Sam Mariano – Vejega.info You Ve Met The Morelli Family, Now Delve Into The Love Story Of Mateo S Callous Brother, Dante Morelli Loving Dante Was My Original Sin They Warned Me Of The Slippery Slope, The Moral Corruption, The Outright Debasement Of The Morelli Family They Warned Me Not To Get Involved Not To Love HimI Didn T Listen I Thought I Would Be His Saving Grace I Was A FoolOnce Upon A Time, Dante Morelli Was The Source Of My Happiness, The Powerful Embrace Which Would Always Keep Me Safe And LovedNow, Dante Morelli Is The Source Of Every Moment Of Pain, Every Moment Of Grief, Every Heart Breaking Moment Of My Young LifeOnce, His Love Was My LifebloodNow, His Love Is My Prison Once, I Thought It Might Kill Me To Leave HimNow, I Know He Will Never Let Me Go Warnings Dark Romance Bad Guy Hero This Is A Comprehensive Series, So You Ll Have A MUCH Better Time With Dante S Story If You Have Read The Entire Morelli Family Series First The Author Does NOT Recommend Trying To Read This Book As A Standalone If You Have Not Read The Previous Morelli Family Series Books The Morelli Story Begins In ACCIDENTAL WITNESS, Not Dante S Book

10 thoughts on “Old Flame (Morelli Family, #8)

  1. Elfina Renee Elfina Renee says:

    Remember how you felt when Sam introduced us to Mateo Hmmmmm I do, laughs wickedly Yeah..thought he was a walking talking nightmare Sinister to the core, ruthless, psychotic, sex on legs with carisma and sex appeal than the Greek God of the underworld In short the perfect villain Now picture someone being ten times worse, equally dangerous Hahahahahah, not possible you say You haven t me

  2. ReadMeAStory ReadMeAStory says:

    Because you followed the author s explicit advice and read the Morelli series before jumping into Dante Colette s world, you ve got a pretty good idea of how the story starts.You know, for example, that Colette s struggling a bit with Dante s method of renewing their relationship.And all right, all right you get where she s coming from But Dante deserves love too You don t know is how damn sweet D

  3. Azalia Azalia says:

    This series just keeps giving and giving In book 8 of the Morelli Family series we get a look at Dante Morelli and Colette Fontaine The first thing I feel that is important to know is that, you have to read this series to fully get the amazing writing of the characters Sam has created Old Flame is cleverly written All the characters in the Morelli world intertwine and give us readers a book that is amazing

  4. Vivian Vivian says:

    I dared to run away from the devil and start a life without him and now he s going to burn me for that unforgivable sin I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS SERIES I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF THESE CHARACTERS I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS AUTHORS WORDS The thing with Sam s writing is, she aims to obliterate your sense of morality when it comes to the stories you read That black and white world that you live in She will push you

  5. Lynn Lynn says:

    I was nervous AF starting this book considering I read Untouchable and hated it Old Flame kept popping up in my recommended for you list on So, I downloaded it In the beginning, when the heroine was planning to marry another man, I asked myself, what have you gotten yourself into Then, Dante being the man he is, takes what he wants I love a bad boy who takes what he wants and doesn t bullshit The heroine though topped it o

  6. Cindy M. Green Cindy M. Green says:

    Oh Dante, how I love thee Sam Mariano does a great job of bringing us back into the fold of the dangerous and captivating Morelli family This is Dante and Collette s story, but the entire family is of course present while we navigate through their turbulent relationship.Yes, you absolutely need to start with Accidental Witness in order to enjoy this crazy ride Trust me when I say the journey in getting to know this mob family is one

  7. Tiffany Silver Tiffany Silver says:

    Dante is a BAD man Total villain Wow Hot So good This fit in with the rest of the series seamlessly.Also I m on board with whatever Sam wants to do, obviously Want to kill the fianc and make the girl fall back in love with the killer Sure Let s do it BUT I think planting some not nice things about dead fianc would have made it easier for Collete Dante or Mateo should have thought of that Like make it seam like the dead fianc had been cheatin

  8. Kim Brewing Kim Brewing says:

    These Morelli s are bad men and Dante is no different but an extra dose of crazy comes out when they fall in love.I liked seeing of everyone and can t wait for Alec to have a story Mateo is the master manipulator This story was just missing that little bit of extra for me Other than the reason they were back together, the story settled on what Colette s moral compass would do I thought there would be a bit drama thrown in, maybe from Dante s inside

  9. Ri Ri says:

    I am going to start this review out with the reminder that it is imperative that this book needs to be read in order Even though the story is about Dante it still has major perspectives to the story that would either a not make sense or b spoil this part of the story I would hate for anyone to not understand the dynamics at play ESPECIALLY when it comes to Mateo.Now that I have said that let me get on with this story Sweet holy Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, and baby

  10. Daisy Daisy says:

    Unexpected For those who know the series.Let me preface that I ve been waiting for this book a long time The first time I met Dante, I knew he maybe the only one to finally break the love spell I had with Mateo Mateo at that point, could not be kicked off the throne I had placed him on as my favorite villain Others had come real close, but never succeeded As time went on I realized I loved Mateo as much as I did, because I also loved Mia The two put me in a spell That

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