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One Hundred Demons ePUB Ú One Hundred  Epub / In this graphic novel that s part memoir and part creativity primer, Lynda Barry serves up comics that delve into the funk and sweetness of love, family, adolescence, race, and the hood Name that Demon Freaky boyfriends Shouting Moms Innocence betrayed These are some of the pickled demons you ll meet as Lynda Barry mixes the true and the un true into something she calls autobificitionalography From her nattering and intolerant loving Filipina grandmother to the ex boyfriend from hell who had lice, Lynda Barry s demons jump out of these pages and double dare you to speak their names Called by Time magazine a work of art as well as literature, One Hundred Demons has been hailed for its shimmering watercolor images and unforgettable stories about life s little monsters

10 thoughts on “One Hundred Demons

  1. lola lola says:

    In my dreams of teenage trauma prophylaxis Kathleen Hanna hands me Pussy Whipped and this book as a 13 year old, before I lose my virginity Avenue D is playing in the background Shit, you know they all just want to hit it They re just talking shit cos they want it, which, although nobody will prank call my house at 3am to call me a

  2. Ayun Halliday Ayun Halliday says:

    This book is the bomb and Lynda Barry is the bombalurina This book seems to be the crossroads, the point where she transformed from her perfectly incredible and delightful self, to the milk of human kindness filled, self forgiving, fully honest role model and teacher that she is today You can feel it.A lot of things I d been hunchin

  3. Hannah Garden Hannah Garden says:

    This is the best thing I ve read in ages and I am sorely tempted to just start right back over and read the whole thing again right now November 2016 reread Joe got me this from Quimby s in late July last year when I flew out there to roadtrip back to New York with him which was our like sixth date or something maybe Which tbpf I am

  4. Malbadeen Malbadeen says:

    how stupid am I for not reading this before super stupid It was awesome.Highlights for me Common Scents was hilarious Hate was gratifying The line, This ability to exist in pieces is what some adults call resilience And I suppose in some way it is a kind of resilience that makes adults believe children forget trauma collapsed the ches

  5. Leslie Leslie says:

    I caught myself thinking about taking up a paintbrush and water colors while reading this so I could paint out my demons too I really love the one about the aswang a scary dog demon story that her grandma tells her interwoven with a bunch of mother daughter stuff , Dancing amazing amazing amazing just think hula suave uncles dancing th

  6. Peter Monn Peter Monn says:

    Sooooooooooo good Loved it Check out my review on my Booktube channel at Sooooooooooo good Loved it Check out my review on my Booktube channel at

  7. Licha Licha says:

    Funny and poignant at times Hard to tell which parts are real but I sensed some underlying pain in regards to the relationship between the author and her mother I wished she had touchedthis and growing up as a mixed child She grew up with her Filipino mother but never mentions her father The Filipino kids view her a strange due to her re

  8. Lara& Lara& says:

    Synopsis NAME THAT DEMON Freaky Boyfriends Shouting Moms Innocence betrayed Rotten things we ve done that will haunt us forever These are some of the pickled demons Lynda Barry s storeis serve up comic strip style, mixing the true and un true into something she calles autobifictionalography Inspired by a 16th century Zen monk s painting o

  9. Ellie Ellie says:

    Lynda Barry confesses that she s not quite sure what to call this work fiction memoir autofiction autofictionbiography At any rate, she admits that some things in the book are true and some fiction It doesn t matter what she calls it it s a wonderful book.It is the story of a young girl and all she faces a semi dysfunctional family, race i

  10. Martin Martin says:

    I first read this comic on when I was 24, which was just old enough to appreciate the tone of regret, trauma, and fragile beauty I was crushed when the comic ended after only 17 entries Reading it again ten years later, the writing affects me in the same way it did then I am surprised how well I remember these stories and how I in

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