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Outback Boss, City Bride Kindle ´ Outback Boss,  ePUB Meredith WestLikes coffee shops, nice shoes, LondonDislikes spiders, the Outback, Hal Granger Hal GrangerDislikes cool, unflappable, distracting city girlsLikes one city girl in particular Meredith s been forced to take a job on a remotecattle station, with a boss she can t stand It should beeasy to keep things professional except their office isunder the blistering Outback sun, and Hal s work attireis a bare chest and thigh hugging jeans Although they reworlds apart, it s getting harder to keep things strictlybusiness

10 thoughts on “Outback Boss, City Bride

  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Heroine is the city girl who learns to love cooking three square meals plus smoko for all the men Hero is the taciturn owner of a dusty, faded elegance mansion and an Outback cattle station He has trust issues because his city girl mother abandoned the family when he was 12.Have we read this scenario before We have

  2. Kay Kay says:

    4 1 2 Stars This cover is exactly how I pictured Meredith and Hal right down to the adorable dimples in Hal s cheeks when he smiles Meredith West had taken onthan she bargained for when she traveled to the Australian Outback to find her sister She d thought it would be a simple matter find Lucy and the two of them would

  3. Christy Stewart Christy Stewart says:

    I wanted to read a Harlequin novel and so I picked this one at randomIt was so random that had I read the title I wouldn t have touched it because I hate cowboys and western even in Australia stories but by the time I figured that out I had already started reading and was really enjoying it.The plot is a very melodramatic one

  4. Lsy Lsy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the love story of Hal and Meredith I didnt mind that the plot may seem not particularly original opposites attract, boss housekeeper, love triangle gone wrong, etc The character build up made by Ms Hart for Hal and Meredith made it a very engaging read Both Hal and Meredith have strong personalities and

  5. Esra Esra says:

    Kitaptaki erkek karakterin ad Hal, okuyorum okuyorum yok b yle biri diyorum D Sonra dank etti, bizimkiler t rk e kelimelerle ayn olan isimleri de i tiriyordu D Sevimli bir hikayeydi

  6. Pam Pam says:

    03 14 08TITLE AUTHOR OUTBACK BOSS, CITY BRIDE by Jessica HartRATING 4 BGENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Romance, 2007, 186 pgsSERIES STAND ALONE 1 of Bridegroom Boss duoTIME PLACE Present, Whyman s Creek, AustraliaCHARACTERS Hal Granger Rancher Meredith West British free lance editor FIRST LINES That s the man you want.COMMENTS Sweet romance set in the Ou

  7. Natalija Natalija says:

    I really enjoyed this book Both characters come off as normal people strong, independent and attractive, without being stunningly beautiful or supermodels As far as secondary characters go, I was a bit confused on who loves whom who are friends only Despite this minor comment, I found this book to be a great read about going after what you want and l

  8. Dalia Dalia says:

    3.5 stars

  9. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    Great story 2 people find love when 1 of them goes to the outback to fetch her sister back to the city some things don t always work as planned.

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