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Outback Doctors/Outback Engagement/Outback In Outback Engagement vet Tom Fleming has a problem with women they want to marry him After being featured in a magazine, he is surrounded by would be wives, his ex and a hotshot reporter Merriwee s new doctor, Anna Talbot, is beautifuland engaged So when Tom claims he gave her the ring, the fake fiancee ends all his woman troublesexcept one, as Tom realizes that the woman he can t have is the only one he wantsIn Outback Marriage Blythe Jones has to sit next to and dance with the rude, challenging, dangerously attractive Cal Whitworth at a wedding Then his plane crashes on the way back and the two doctors have to spend a night in the wild Cal begs Blythe to work in his Outback practice while his broken arm heals, and for some reason Blythe agrees In Outback Encounter Dr Caitlin O Shea s biggest problem is usually getting taken seriously as a research scientist So she s not expecting her work in tiny Outback town Turalla to have as many challenges as it doeschallenges such as remembering her clinical skills to help the town s overworked doctor Discovering why that doctor, Connor Clarke, is so opposed to her research And coping with what his irresistible smile does to her mind, body and heart

10 thoughts on “Outback Doctors/Outback Engagement/Outback Marriage/Outback Encounter

  1. Dominique Bebbington Dominique Bebbington says:

    Three short little books in one The second was my favourite of the three

  2. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Outback Engagement is the vet Tom Fleming who meets the engaged Dr Anna Talbot Women are hunting Tom because of an article his step mother wrote to a magazine about lonely outback bachelors and Tom is hiding from women who show up in his village Anna assures him that she is there for a six months rotation as a doctor for the hospital and has a diamond and a fiancee When Anna sees all the bags of mail laying around from women, she advises him to just respond to the women with a form le

  3. C.A. C.A. says:

    3 interesting, and easy to read stories Very likable characters Gives a little glimps into the life of country folk, the challenges they face, dealing with medicals issues and the fact that it is difficult to get Doctors to come and stay in the communities that badly need them.

  4. Emma Emma says:

    loved all three of these books doctors in flight was the fourth in the series and another brilliant read if you like medical rural romance

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