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Ebook ➣ Pantaleón y las visitadoras  Author Mario Vargas Llosa – Vejega.info This is an early Vargas Llosa novel 1978 and it displays his sharp wit, clever exposition and facility with farce An upright and uptight army officer is drafted to set up brothel services to the troops, who are rampaging and ravishing local females in their quest to satisfy their lust Captain Pantoja is a model soldier devoted to his wife and mother, and he is shocked that he must undertake this project, all in deep secrecy Captain Pantoja proves to be a terrific organizer, and the project takes off and succeeds beyond anyone s wildest expectation As there is and demand for the special services, the captain s life becomes and complicated, to hilarious effect.This has become a minor classic, and helped establish his role as a premier Latin American author of tremendous skill and virtuosity This s not my favorite, as some of the developments are fairly predictable, but his characters are colorful and his technique of weaving seamlessly from one conversation to the next is impressive This is an author that deserves an admiring American following. We re talking about a delicious book, which its great trump is satire Through the tragicomical situations presented through the pages the author manages with an incredibly successful way to satirize to the structure and function of the Peruvian army and all over the spectrum of society Having tremendous sense of humor, creativity on the characters of the book, creating successful contrasts and giving amazing dialogues, we have a really brilliant text, funny, that relaxes and pleasures the reader A large part of the book consists reports among strains of the army The last however instead of may be frustrating it s perhaps the most lovely part, since the seriousness of the composition of these reports in contrast to the ridiculousness of their contents give us an amazing result.Many times I found myself laughing while reading, and I thought that the same thing may did the author himself while he was writting it I think this book highlights the multi talent of Llosa who succeeds exquisitely in humorous field as well Definitely this may has not the the literary value and the specific gravity which other books of him have but nothing can prevent us from saying that it is a very nice book At least was a joy for me and I really liked it. Baseado Em Factos Ver Dicos, Pantale O E As Visitadoras Um Romance Engenhoso, Divertido E Sarc Stico Que P E Em Evid Ncia A Outra Face De Um Sistema A Partir Das Suas Pr Prias Ra Zes, Deixando Entrever O Funcionamento Ambivalente De Uma Institui O Publicada Em 1973 E Adaptada Ao Cinema, Pantale O E As Visitadoras Uma Das Obras Mais Populares E Divertidas De Mario Vargas Llosa Pantale O Pantoja, Um Oficial Do Ex Rcito Com Uma Folha De Servi Os Irrepreens Vel, Enfrenta A Miss O Mais Arriscada Da Sua Vida Organizar, Dentro Do Mais Absoluto Sigilo Militar, Um Servi O De Prostitutas Para Aplacar As Necessidades Das For As Armadas Do Peru Isoladas Na Selva Amaz Nica Rigoroso Cumpridor Do Dever, Pantoja Muda Se Para Iquitos Para Levar A Cabo Esta Miss O, Mantendo Se Afastado Dos Demais Militares, Vestindo Civil E, Sobretudo, Sem Nada Revelar M E E Mulher No Entanto, Em Pouco Tempo, O Que Era Uma Miss O Discreta Transforma Se No Maior Empreendimento De Prostitutas Do Pa S, Virando Do Avesso A Vida De Iquitos E Do Pr Prio Pantale O, Que, Como Se N O Bastassem Os Problemas Familiares, Se Ver Envolvido Com Uma Bela E Insinuante Visitadora , Acabando Por P R Em Perigo A Sua Tarefa. One of Mario Vargas Llosa s earlier novels, at first it appears to be a light farce, albeit an extremely well written one, but it evolves and develops into something much deeper and moving.The story is about the straitlaced logistics officer Captain Pantoja who is assigned to set up mobile brothels in the to divert the troops from pursuing and often raping local women Captain Pantoja brings his astonishing efficiency to the task, with such steps as surveys about how often men need the services, timing how long it takes, experimenting with factors that can reduce the time, and using all of this to calculate the resources he will need and how to deploy them All of this grows well beyond his initial imagination as he becomes increasingly embroiled in the world.The chapters are organized in a number of different ways The opening and some subsequent chapters are a shifting, multiple perspective dialogue where almost every paragraph is in quotation marks but they narrate a series of conversations, often shifting back and forth, not just one Some of the other chapters are letters or radio broadcasts And many of the other chapters are in the form of military dispatches, hilarious for the precision and military jargon around prostitution and other aspects of sex Some is particularly farcical, like the prostitutes creating a Hymn for the group, called the special service, that refers to the Peruvian Army but not the Navy Given the Navy s support for the operation, they are upset and want themselves named in the hymn as well This leads to a series of letters, apologies, and ultimately the problem being rectified As such, Captain Pantoja and the Special Service has a comfortable place in the satire of military life from Catch 22 to MASH.But it ultimately transcends it and does so much , particularly with the character of Captain Pantoja and how he treats the prostitutes with dignity, creates an esprit de corps like in the Army, and makes them feel patriotic all of which he does in the face of significant pressure by just about everyone to the contrary.Also of some interest is that many of Vargas Llosa s subsequent books are in here in some form or another This is most clear with Brother Francisco, a renegade religious figure who develops a following in the prefiguring the Counselor in The War of the End of the World And Iquitos, the wild ian city, plays a big role here like it does in The Dream of the Celt And finally the story itself seems like something Pedro Camacho from Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter would have dreamed up, including a character the assistant to the madam who is reminiscent of Camacho himself. It s a few years since I last read a book by Mario Vargas Llosa, and this early novel is somewhat different in feel from the others I have read, albeit the author uses the non linear style that is something of a trademark of his, and which initially can be confusing if you haven t encountered it before In the jungle city of Iquitos, soldiers from the local army base are sexually harrassing the city s women, and the army s solution is to set up a secret brothel to divert their appetites Chosen to run the project is the priggish Capt Pantoja of the army quartermaster s department, incorruptible and meticulous in his duties Despite his initial dismay, the good Captain throws himself into his work with all his customary zeal, so much so that the brothel quickly becomes an outstanding success, attracting both the envy and hypocritical censure of the local male population Initially the novel takes the form of a magnificent farce For example, the third chapter, styled as a letter written by Capt Pantoja s wife to her sister and expressing her bewilderment at the change in her husband s behaviour, took me a while to get through simply because I was laughing so much as I read it Although Vargas Llosa never lets up on satirising military and church pomposity, the novel gradually takes on a serious tone as the existence of the Special Service causes and divisions in the community, and its fate becomes entwined with that of a growing local religious cult Not the most powerful of the author s works, but still an excellent read. Edit 29 12 16 Best Fiction read of 2016 Captain Quartermaster Pantaleon Pantoja is a career military man in the Peruvian Army, like his father and his grandfather He is a model officer, known for his efficiently, logistics, planning and honesty An officer without vices , is how the Intelligence Service have reported him to his superiors His superiors about to give him a special assignment a secret one One in which he will have to remain in disguise, out of uniform, as a civilian.Deep in the Peruvian , the men are lacking release The few women near the military camps are wives of the senior officers, or the wives and mothers of the local people Every skirt is spoken for in the settlements The soldiers are causing a lot of trouble attacks and rapes Would you believe that a Corporal in Horcones was taken by surprise while carrying on like a newly wed with a monkey Captain Pantoja is to set up a small and discrete brigade of women to service the lonely troops Along with Captain Pantoja, his wife, and his mother accompany him to the Due to the secret nature of his mission, he may not disclose the details of his work.The first stage, for the SSGFRI Special Service for Garrisons, Frontier and Related Installations is research Research is undertaken by sending a questionnaire to the commanding officer of each garrison, requesting the following information this is the shortened version 1 How many unmarried men are under your command Exclude married, but also co habiting men, or men in relationships.2 Subtract from this number, men incapacitated.3 Proceed with cunning to now determine the number of marital services each subject will require monthly to satisfy the requirements of his virility Maximum 30, minimum 4.4 Again with discretion, establish how much time the subject calculates the marital service will last in his case Maximum 2 hours, minimum 10 minutes.With this raw data, logistics can be arranged around visitations, and the number of specialists who must be engaged But this is merely the start of the researchNot without opposition from within the army especially the Army Chaplains , Captain Pantoja find himself battling religious zealots, the army itself, the navy, the civilians who are either disgusted, or disgusted that they are missing out, and at times the female specialists themselves.I thought this book was great Written really well, and translated very well I assume It uses a number of methods in its writing, from normal narrative, military reports, military and civilian correspondence, radio broadcasts, and conversation Conversation is a key one, because the author has written multiple simultaneous conversations together Thoroughly confusing until the reader adjusts to the various characters, but ultimately an interesting device It does mean attention is required to keep track sometimes, and I found myself re reading the occasional paragraph or two if I lost the train of it all.Very funny, and incredibly accessible, this book is than just an absurd story setting out an unlikely situation The characters are very real, the emotion is real A strait laced military man who sets up a brigade of prostitutes, but who gives them respect and the same dignity he would any other branch of the army He takes very seriously his orders, and the organisation and running of the SSGFRI is second to none The precision of his report writing is excellent But of course, it must all come unravelled at the end.Five stars Wish I could remember where I saw this recommended Made me laught til I cried Such a good critique of obsolete institutions and the hypocrisy of society. What would happen if an army officer was given the order to create a prostitute agency Llosa creates an extraordinary story where the absolute rule loving officer Pantaleon Pantoja gets entagled with people from the Iquitos night illegal world It is ironically funny as many situations that the reader expects a stereotypical solution progress become quite twisted mixing the military strict way of thinking with human urges A half part of the book is written in the form of army letters and newspapers, allowing for a very different approach as the reader finds out major events through an objective, a posteriori approach The other half part is written in dialogue format, but Llosa puts a different typical for him twist He manages to mix five, six, or even seven stories at once, making a phenomenal mosaic of dialogues and parallel stories that simultaneously fold out the part of the story I guess one of the items that shows that they do not give Nobels for freeBottomline A very fine read, with lots of humor but also food for thought. My Spanish is getting a lil rusty This work took me waaay longer than I m used to in investing any given novel But with the Peruvian storyteller this is another story altogether You must at least once in your life read classics in their original language which is why I should learn French sooner than later The flavor of different character s vernacular would be lost in the translation I ve read so many of them in the case of M.V.L.This is a hard sell The picaresque novel, the megacomedic juggernaut, is rarely written or attained Aunt Julia is the twin brother of this one they both ridicule misogynism and inundate the tale with war torn realities that makes one know with absolute certainty that only M.V.L., the Rennaissance Man of all World renowned Writers could have written it.Strangely though, because of the spotlight of the metoo movement, the tones of slight or inexcusable sexism are too much to bear But this happened, too, when I saw Book of Mormon , an illuminating work that seems to have no place in this global unhater ambiance. In the tent of the campaign headquarters of the regiment N 17 of Chiclayo, near the shells crash, rataplan of the grape and dry belching bullets of pioneering companies that have just started maneuvers end of the year, Lieutenant Pantaleon Pantoja, who, standing before a table and a deck panel says the officers, a firm and metallic voice, inventory, distribution system and forecasts by the supplies, is suddenly invisibly raised from the ground, the most immediate reality by a lightning current, ardent, effervescent, emulsive and crackling burning, baked, exacerbates, multiplies, tortures, panics anal vestibule and rectal corridor and unfolds like a spider between his ass, but he suddenly livid, suddenly flooded with sweat, secretly gathered ass with a frantic stubbornness, his voice barely veiled by an earthquake, it continues to issue numbers to produce formulas to add and subtract We have to operate Pantita you, murmurs maternally Leonor Make thee operate, my love repeated gently Pochita Let them have taken away once, brother, echoed Lieutenant Luis Rengifo Flores, it is easier to operate than phimosis and to a less dangerous place for manhood Major Antipa Negron, from military Health, laughs loudly, I ll behead three hemorrhoids suddenly, as if they were children s heads in butter, dear Pantaleon

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