Pequeña flor PDF/EPUB Ê Paperback

Pequeña flor PDF/EPUB Ê Paperback Odd and disorienting, this meanders through some surprising twists I have a lot of trouble with the lack of paragraph breaks, but was mostly ambling along And squirming at the narrator s highly questionable reasoning and concluding action. Other reviews mention something along the lines of I don t really know what s going on but I think I like it That works for me.The prose and atmosphere has the dreamlike quality that might be expected but so does the plot which is a little rarer.Overheated and intense, this is a fever dream of a read. An utterly fantastic read Completely unputdownable One to read in one sitting I definitely need to check out Iosi Havilio s other work. What a ride I loved the single paragraph format of this short novel beforehand, I thought that format might feel gimmicky, but the book s urgency makes it necessary, I think I always enjoy an interplay between themes and genres, as here with Tolstoy, Sidney Bechet, and Jodorowsky, mostly references to works I vaguely know of but am not deeply familiar with at all The story is disturbing, mystical, and haunting, and the writing is energetic and invigorating. Many people will tell you to read this delightfully strange novel in one setting, but I confess, I needed to set it down from time to time when the digressions got a little too extra though by the end I recognized that they had their place But it s great fun odd and unexpected. Bit confusing, some bits that I skipped over because they were quite boring Very artsy, to the point where you d sometimes get a bit fed up of it But definitely immersive and also kind of stressful at times, which fits with the theme I guess Fun, short, surreal book about a house husband and his discovery that he can semi permanently murder Slightly too existential internal monologue of a man , but not too grating a protagonist Nice expression of father bonding with his child No interesting women really Translated from Spanish. Good writing but there is too little real substance here. Esa tarde entend que lo que creemos imposible suele estar a tres segundos de distancia Iosi Havilio ha escrito una novela magn fica e inesperada Peque a flor es un hipn tico y admirable nico p rrafo, consistente, adictivo, producto de la prosa de un autor talentoso e inquieto que se inclina por la b squeda constante.Un hecho fortuito y un matrimonio en plena meseta amorosa son los disparadores de una historia que no para de crecer, que sorprende a cada paso, hasta llegar al xtasis, acaso reci n, en su punto final. I loved this little book Lots of twists and turns Read with Blackwells looking forward to meeting the author.

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