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Persepolis 2 PDF/EPUB Ê Library Binding Picking up the thread where her debut memoirincomics concluded, Persepolis : The Story of a Return details Marjane Satrapi's experiences as a young Iranian woman cast abroad by political turmoil in her native country Older, if not exactly wiser, Marjane reconciles her upbringing in warshattered Tehran with new surroundings and friends in Austria Whether living in the company of nuns or as the sole female in a house of eight gay men, she creates a niche for herself with friends and acquaintances who feel equally uneasy with their place in the world After a series of unfortunate choices and events leave her literally living in the street for three months, Marjane decides to return to her native Iran Here, she is reunited with her family, whose liberalism and emphasis on Marjane's personal worth exert as strong an influence as the eyepopping wonders of Europe Having grown accustomed to recreational drugs, partying, and dating, Marjane now dons a veil and adjusts to a society officially divided by gender and guided by fundamentalism Emboldened by the example of her feisty grandmother, she tests the bounds of the morality enforced on the streets and in the classrooms With a new appreciation for the political and spiritual struggles of her fellow Iranians, she comes to understand that one person leaving her house while asking herself, 'is my veil in place?' no longer asks herself 'where is my freedom of speech?'Satrapi's starkly monochromatic drawing style and the keenly observed facial expressions of her characters provide the ideal graphic environment from which to appeal to our sympathies Bereft of fine detail, this graphic novel guides the reader's attention instead toward a narrative rich with empathy Don't be fooled by the glowering selfportrait of the author on the back flap; it's nearly impossible to read Persepoliswithout feeling warmth toward Marjane Satrapi Ryan Boudinot

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  1. Nat Nat says:

    In 1984, Marjane flees fundamentalism and the war with Iraq to begin a new life in Vienna.
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  2. Anne Anne says:

    Persepolis is the Greek name for the ancient city of Parsa, located seventy miles northeast of Shiraz in present-day Iran.
    ...because I had been wondering about that.


    Alright, the sec

  3. Adina Adina says:

    This 2nd volume of Setrapi’s autobiography is a bit more personal. It covers her failure to adjust to life in Austria and her return to Iran, her struggle to readjust, her short marriage and it finishes with her decision to return to Europe, this time to France where she will remain.

  4. Jason Jason says:

    Everyone needs to step off! Geez! This book is great. It doesn't have that cute little panache of the first book because, duh, it's not about pre-teen issues which are cute and naive--it's about the world of impulsive effacement that drags a teenager to become a young adult. She comes to be a part of the Western world she idealized and finds it col

  5. Nenia ☀️ My Snark Is Worse Than My Bite ☀️ Campbell Nenia ☀️ My Snark Is Worse Than My Bite ☀️ Campbell says:

  6. Jessica (thebluestocking) Jessica (thebluestocking) says:

    Persepolis the First was touching. Persepolis the Second was not. The teen-aged Marjane is sent to Vienna where she is bounced from place to place by both circumstance and her own big mouth. Marjane, abandoned and isolated, turns to drugs and questionable friends and lovers to get through this time. Though she is apparently bright, she barely gets through scho

  7. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    This is the continuing story of Marjane when her parents send her away to Austria where she has to live in a bunch of different places and doesn't understand a lot of what's going on. It's still a really sad story.

    I watched this dvd and my friends link will show some of the gifs from the movie. It's a sad book and movie.

  8. Kels Kels says:

    I think what ultimately made this novel fall flat for me is that I was prepared for something more along the lines of thought-provoking and eye-opener and instead finished this feeling rather disappointingly underwhelmed.

    I thought the author's idea of writing her autobiography in the form of a comic, to be an intriguing and fun premise, but also, perhaps a pro

  9. Iryna *Book and Sword* Iryna *Book and Sword* says:

    1.5/5 stars (rounded down)

    Well, it has been awhile since a book made me so angry.

    This was such a drastic change from Persepolis 1, I couldn't believe I was reading about the same person!

    - I really, really loved Persepolis 1. It was poignant, heartbreaking and educational. It had a smart, intelligent and strong heroine, who asked the right q

  10. Jess ❈Harbinger of Blood-Soaked Rainbows❈ Jess ❈Harbinger of Blood-Soaked Rainbows❈ says:

    S is for Satrapi

    I enjoyed this volume slightly less than Persepolis: Story of a Childhood but it was still a really g

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