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[Reading] ➲ Pigen uden hud ➺ Mads Peder Nordbo – Vejega.info This translated crime fiction from Danish author, Mads Peder Nordbo, falls squarely into the Scandi Noir genre, it has all the dark and disturbing elements, grisly murders and a brutality that is the trademark of that genre, albeit it is set in the unusual setting of Greenland It offers a social and political commentary on the dark history of the country The grieving Matthew Cave has returned to Greenland from Denmark, he spent the first four years of his life here, coming after the traumatising death of his wife and unborn daughter in a car accident He is based in Nuuk, Greenland s capital, working as a journalist on the local paper, Sermitsiaq, and looking to find out what happened to his father, an American soldier that used to be based at Thule air base Lured by the possibility of a exclusive, Cave arrives on the scene at the ice fields, where the rare discovery of a mummified Viking has been discovered.The following day, he returns to find the mummified body has disappeared and the police officer guarding it has been gruesomely murdered and eviscerated His murder echoes the MO of 4 murdered men in Nuuk back in the early 1970s, flayed and gutted, all the victims were EPUB Pigen Uden Hud Mads Peder Nordbo Ivogue.co.uk Matthew Cave Er En Dansk Journalist Sidst I 20erne Han Har Dag For Dag Sluppet Sit Tag I Livet Efter Tabet Af K Resten Og Deres Uf Dte Datter I Et Trafikuheld Flugten Fra Virkeligheden Har Drevet Ham Til Nuuk, Ansporet Af Et 20 R Gammelt Postkort Hans Amerikanske Far Har Sendt Fra Thulebasen, Inden Han Forsvandt Matthew Bliver Sendt Til Kanten Af Indlandsisen For At D Kke Opdagelsen Af En Mumificeret Nordbo Viking, Den F Rste Velbevarede Viking, Der Nogensinde Er Fundet Alt K Res I Stilling Til En Verdenssensation, Og Det Lille, Arktiske Samfund Holder Vejret Men Kaos Bryder L S, Da Mumien Er Forsvundet, Og En Betjent Findes Opspr Ttet Og T Mt For Indvolde Matthew Kommer P Sporet Af Fire Identiske Drab I 1973, Som Har Forbindelse Til To 11 Rige Pigers Sporl Se Forsvinden De To Sager Flyder Sammen For Matthew, Og Han F R Hurtigt Gravet Fingrene Dybt Ned I B De Nutidens Og Fortidens Blodige Mord Den Eneste, Han For Alvor T R Stole P , Er En Ung, Gr Nlandsk Kvinde, Der Som 14 Rig Dr Bte Sin Far Ved At Spr Tte Ham Op Og T Mme Ham For Indvolde Hendes Krop Er D Kket Af Tatoveringer Huden Slidt Af, Da Hun Var Barn Hendes Vilje St Rk Som Fjeldene Om Nuuk PIGEN UDEN HUD Oplever Stor Interesse Fra Udlandet Inden Bogens Udgivelse Er Der Lukket Aftaler Med Mere End Ti Lande. 3.5 Stars rounded up to a 4When a mummified body is found in the crevasse on the edge of an ice sheet, the body is believed to be the rare find of a Viking corpse Journalist Matthew Cave is sent to cover the story He and his photographer are excited to be first on the scene and look forward to breaking such a huge story But the next morning, the mummified corpse is gone and in its place is the body of the police officer guarding the corpse who has been flayed and gutted This is a brutal one folks Matthew soon finds similarities between this case and the case of four men who were found murdered in the same manner i 1973 The Danish Police officer in charge of that investigation went missing assumed to have been murdered but his journal and information on the men and missing girls from the village was left behind Matthew and Jacob are both tragic figures Matthew lost his pregnant wife and unborn daughter in a car accident He suffers horrible nightmares and mourns their loss every day Jacob s father abandoned him and his Mother when he was four years old He has no answers why and has always wondered why his father never came home Both are haunted by the brutality of the murders and their link to missing girls I love mysteries that take place in new to me settings And Greenland definitely fits that bill Nordbo does a fabulous job of setting the scene, so that I felt I could see everything in detail Matthew Cabe is a Danish reporter assigned to Greenland after the death of his pregnant wife in a car accident When a mummified Norseman is found in an ice crevice, Matthew and his photographer are sent to report on it Overnight, the photographer s camera and files are stolen And the soldier guarding the mummified body is killed and the body stolen Matthew s editor has him research similar murders that happened in 1973 and he is given the diary of the policeman that investigated those murders The book tells its story from the viewpoint of both Matthew and Jakob, the original policeman Be prepared for gruesome scenes This is considered Scandinavian Noir and it is as dark as a Greenland winter It s a fast paced book and kept me in its grips for its entirety I h Most impressive Outside, the sun had set fire to the evening sky over Nuuk The orange light from the flaming clouds cast a glow so strong that it looked as if the living room walls were burning This book is full of writing like this Also, the translation appeared seamless, it felt flawless, nothing felt like it didn t have its place, or did not fit I did not know that there was such a thing as Nordic crime, but I will keep an eye out for , as I will this author who appears to have five other books to be read.This is a book full of gory content, but it fit well and I was not bothered by it My dictionary got a great workout, as did Google for all the cultural references and pronunciations Set in Greenland, this is an area I know nothing about so it was a very interesting and brutal read A crime thriller set in freezing conditions with characters to love, and ones to despise Very well written, no holds barred, da I want to thank Text Publishing, the author, and Netgalley for the chance to read and review this book All for the measly price of a review.I ll be honest right from the start and tell ya that by the time I went to Netgalley to review this story that it was already absent Gone Normally I d just say to heck with it and move on This dang story thoughit stuck with me Two weeks after reading it I finally realized why I was so bummed out It wasn t the ending, and it had nothing to do with how the story played out Truth is that I loved this book I loved the characters The location The freaking creepy tale of abuse, neglect and revenge Thing is that I wanted this, all of this, to go on No not this story, but another With the same Cop from the past, and the same reporter and tattooed woman from now I adored these people Damn, they were threatened, damn near killed, and yet they cared so much This author made me feel The feels I ve always wanted to visit Greenland It s just a thing with me I love cold, snow, glaciers.blah de blah Then when I was reading this I saw that there are no roads leading out from towns in Greenland You actually have to take a boat no problem or take a freaking tiny, itsy, bitsy plane from one town to another That may have been the most terrifying thing in this story O.K., maybe that s an ex This one has a high body count If reading about people being murdered in very gruesome ways is not to your taste then you probably will not make it past the prologue.The Greenland setting makes a very atmospheric background to this first rate thriller Bodies are found in the ice, blood stains the surrounding snow scarlet, thick fogs help prevent people being found it all adds to the suspense Towards the end I thought the author might have included a few less 3.5 rounded up to 4 stars.Matthew Cave is a journalist in Nuuk, Greenland He is sent to the scene of a mummified body discovered on the desolate Greenland ice sheet After he sees the body and a news photographer take pictures, they return to Nuuk The next day, the policeman who was left to guard the body is found gruesomely murdered and the mummified body is gone Matthew soon realizes that the policeman s murder is similar to a series of unsolved murders in Greenland forty years earlier He starts investigating and the person he trusts the most is Tupaarnaq, a woman recently released from prison for killing her family at the age of 14 Together they uncover a coverup of murder, rape, incest and The book alternates between two narratives, one in 2014 and one in 1973 The 1973 narrative is based upon a diary of a policeman presumed dead He was investigating the murders and incest, despite orders fr This is Nordic Noir at its darkest and grittiest with some very grisly murders amidst the ice and bitter winds of arctic Greenland.Matthew Cave, a Danish journalist has recently moved to Greenland to work for the local paper after the deaths of his wife and unborn child in a horrific car crash When a mummified corpse in a crevasse in the glacier, possibly that of a Norseman who died 600 years ago, Matthew s paper sends him to report on the find However, the next morning the mummy has disappeared and the policeman guarding it overnight is found horribly murdered, flayed and eviscerated on the ice Matthew s editor is reminded of similar gruesome murders from forty years ago in 1973 and suggests that he look into the similarities and he soon finds himself embroiled in a scandal that someone is still keen to keep quiet In parallel with Matthew s investigation, the events of 1973 are told through the voice of Jakob Pedersen, the policeman who originally investigated the murders Although he disappeared during the investigation but Matthew has been given his notebook with details of his discoveries It s a gruesome tale of child abuse and corruption and Matthew soon finds his own life in danger.The descriptions of the bleak, forbidding landscape, the harsh lives of the Greenlanders and the culture of sexism and cor First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Mads Peder Nordbo , and Text Publishing Company for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.While I quite enjoy Scandinavian murder mysteries, there are certainly degrees of quality, as with any genre I stumbled upon this piece by Mads Peder Nordbo and liked the dust jacket blurb, hoping it would live up to the synopsis Learning that Norbdo works in Greenland offered me some hope that he would be able to shed some unique light on the setting, as well as the story s development throughout Danish journalist Matthew Cave is sent to Greenland to cover their upcoming elections However, there is a sensational story coming out of the small community of Nuuk, which demands Cave s attention A man is found on the ice, his organs removed in a brutal manner While it surely could be one of the many wild animals in the region, the cuts seem to precise and clean to be anything but that of a knife blade in a human s hand As Cave begins to investigate a little , the body count increases and the severity of the attacks seem to be growing as well Cave pokes around and discovers a connection to a set of crimes

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