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Pregnant by the Maverick Millionaire PDF ¾ the When a one night stand leads to a life altering little surprise Her profession might be matchmaking, but businesswoman Brodie Stewart isn t interested in finding a husband What she wants is sexy Mavericks CEO Kade Webb Happily, the former hockey player is all in for a no strings night of fun Yet a few weeks later when Brodie realizes her flu is actually morning sickness, Kade is adamant that they raise their baby together Brodie barely survived heartbreak before Falling in love can t be part of their deal But she has a sneaking suspicion her Mavericks baby daddy is forming a plan of his own

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  1. Maria Rose Maria Rose says:

    Pregnant by the Maverick Millionaire is the second book in Joss Wood s From Mavericks to Married series While pregnancy stories aren t usually my thing, I really enjoyed the first book I read in this series, Trapped with the Maverick Millionaire and so I was on the lookout for the next one And the title makes it clear there will be a baby on the way, so it wasn t a s

  2. shms shms says:

    As with many of the Hqn Presents line these days, there was nothing really lacking in this tale of 2 people not wanting commitment not responsibilities but being caught out by baby news I didn t like the h, she was selfish when it came to her needs but at least she acknowledged her actions weren t always fair Their past shaped their commitment phobia, but it was overdone,

  3. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    While the ploy of using a matchmaking service for charity and team PR may seem silly, it s a unique idea for bringing together two people who shun the idea of long term intimacy Plus it gives a bit of lightheartedness to the themes of relationships and pregnancy Their process of finding love is well written and may drive you crazy with frustration or bring tears to your eyes whe

  4. Nicci Carrera Nicci Carrera says:

    This was really good I felt pretty emotional at the end I felt sorry for both of them for their pasts There was one little glitch toward the end when it seemed like the heroine s reasons for what she was doing changed a bit, but overall it was a five star read for me.

  5. Geraldine Sadiku Geraldine Sadiku says:

    Superb read with a strong hero that gave the heroine the time and space she needed to overcome her issues, loved it.

  6. Mitali Madhusmita Mitali Madhusmita says:

    I just love to read books by joss wood They are so full of life and intense I always have a great time reading it I loved and enjoyed this one too and I am jumping to the next maverick book I would recommend that you go for it without a second thought I just love to read books by joss wood They are so full of life and intense I always have a great time reading it I loved and enjoyed this one too

  7. Suzanne Jefferies Suzanne Jefferies says:

    I m not the biggest fan of the pregnancy tropes, but I loved this one Great characters, great conflict, and, of course, Wood s fabulous effervescent writing

  8. Krita Krita says:


  9. Terri Hebert Terri Hebert says:

    Loved it Anxious for the rest of the series

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