Prescription for Romance Kindle Ý Prescription for

Prescription for Romance Kindle Ý Prescription for I skimmed this book heavily Nothing bad about the writing but I hated the female love interest I will probably try this author again. A ga suka endingnya perasaan kok kayak dipaksain gitu ya Undercover reporter Ramona Tate was on a mission But Paul Armstrong, the gorgeous head doctor of the Armstrong Fertility Institute, was a serious obstacle to unearthing the famous facility s secrets And now Ramona was falling for him What would happen once he found out who she really was Paul s mission in life was to run the prestigious Boston clinic and uphold his family legacy His new PR manager seemed intent on undermining his authority at every turn Then why was he finding the outspoken blonde so hard to resist Settling down wasn t on the workaholic doc s short term agenda Until Ramona made him start yearning for a family of his own

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