Queenie of Hearts PDF Í Queenie of PDF \

Queenie of Hearts PDF Í Queenie of  PDF \ Lucky at cards, unlucky at love Queenie Hart knows how to work the cards She s spent her nights cashing in at the poker tables on a non existent love life, and doesn t even believe in the L word any Or wouldn t, if her brain ever got its way with her heart When her first flame walks back into her life, Queenie is confronted with the knowledge that she s been keeping a secret, even from herself, and that maybe, just maybe, Lady Luck is part cupid Rex Montgomery is a former Army Ranger who s accustomed to living dangerously When misfortune drags him back to his old neighborhood, he comes face to face with the slip of a girl he d given his heart away to at the tender age of eight If only she hadn t given it back When these star crossed risk takers meet again after seventeen years, the cards have already been dealt and Queenie and Rex have decided to play their hands close to their chests, but Fate has other plans Soon, the game includes a Hellhound, screwed up family members, crazy ex lovers, transvestites, and Bob Marley The stakes are high, and Queenie and Rex will have to go all in if they want a share in the biggest gamble of them all true love A great read A really good book written by Julia Bidwell with realistic characters and a really plot Would recommend this book to everyone

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