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Rain Kindle Ê Ebook Sequel to Rules of Engagement Brandon Stewart and Dustin Walker started dating two years ago after meeting in the local bar over a game of pool Dustin has struggled to come out to his homophobic family and come clean about his relationship with Brandon, and now they re planning to get married Now, in a bid to fix broken ties, Dustin s brother Tristan is trying to reconnect with him, which makes Brandon wonder if he, too, can mend fences with his own estranged brother But is sixteen years of silence long enough for old wounds to heal

10 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Gigi Gigi says:

    This was a sweet HEA for Brandon and Dustin Not a sex fest like the first book, but lots of love and romance to perfectly compliment it.

  2. Wendy Wendy says:

    A nice sexy ending to Brandon and Dustins story Took some of the rage away, that I felt about the ending in book 1.

  3. Isabel Isabel says:

    HEA for Dustin and Brandon After two years together they decide to get married their love is stronger and beautiful Their homophobic relatives won t keep them from being together and their love worth everything This book is written from Brandon s POV, and I love it very much

  4. Claudia Claudia says:

    This is a nice novella, which brings us back to Dustin and Brandon this time we view everything from Brandons POV, which is different but unfortunately not as different as I would wish to really distinguish the characters nevertheless, it is great to see those two again and I would love to seeof them.

  5. Kassa Kassa says:

    Rain is a very good HEA to the book Rules of Engagement The first book ended abruptly with little to no resolution and no idea about the future for Brandon and Dustin Rain skips ahead a few years showing the couple happy and settled and ready to be married This kind of glosses over significant emotional issues but do

  6. Wendy Ann Wendy Ann says:

    I read the initial book Rules of Engagement quite a while ago and always wished forof a HEA ending to that book Well, voila here it is This was the perfect sequel to an awesome book Dustin and Brandon are one of my favorite couples and I ll never forget the extraordinarily hot scene when they first met The heat continues in

  7. Beck Beck says:

    This was a lovely epilogue for Rules of Engagement it was nice to see how Dustin settled into his life as a gay man I always like a HEA this story also highlights the difficulties that bigotry create in families Dustin got his brother back but poor old Brandon was left without his brother, but given the brothers depth of homophobic

  8. Therese Therese says:

    These guys must not like messiness 2 years together and still using condoms, impressive And expensive.Still, I liked thisthan the first, since it hadclosure and Brandon s POV

  9. Daphne Daphne says:

    Rain was a much needed extended epilogue to Rules of Engagement I m glad the author revisited this couple and gave them their HEA.

  10. ⚣Michaelle⚣ ⚣Michaelle⚣ says:

    4.1 StarsLovely little story catching up with the boys mending some fences but finding out others just aren t likely to ever be repaired Best part was realizing that as long as they had each other those burdens were easier to bear and isn t sharing that load one of the basic expectations of a marriage Maybe one day a coda like this well be a quaint, confus

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