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Mass Market Paperback  î Raven's Vow Epub Ê A SCANDALOUS ARRANGEMENTAmerican merchant John Raven had stolen the toast of the London season out from under the ton s very nose He had offered the lovely Lady Catherine Montfort freedom in exchange for marriage and she d accepted despite her father s assertion he d rather see the interloping colonial dead than wed to his daughter Catherine had expected nothing from Raven, but her enigmatic and seductive husband in name only made her wish for a real wedding night He d married her for convenience s sake, but she feared he d gotten than he d bargained for had she, by accepting his hand, put Raven in grave danger

10 thoughts on “Raven's Vow

  1. Ana María Ana María says:

    Compr este libro de apuro en una libreria porque en el banco no me dejaban usar el celular donde tengo lo que estoy leyendo y tenia una larga espera ante mi Es un hist rico viejuno 1997 pero me encant Si bien no es perfecto y sus protagonistas tienen mucha diferencia de edad 18 ella y 34 l , cosa que odio desde que soy veterana , me result una bella historia de amor y, sobre todo, con

  2. Julianna Julianna says:

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsI first read Raven s Vow probably close to twenty years ago, not long after it was released It was actually one of the first books I ever reviewed I came up with the idea of reviewing books long before book blogs became trendy, and I even found someplace to post a few of my reviews although I can t for the life of me recall where, since there were few websites of that n

  3. LaBlue LaBlue says:

    I was disappointed While this was definitely a typical roller coaster of twists and turns I was disappointed in the lead characters The male lead for playing games and in my opinion being mildly childish in there schemes And disappointed in the female lead who was so smart, independent and strong only to become a cryer instead of the direct women she was up to those points in the book It simply annoyed

  4. Sandra Patiño Sandra Patiño says:

    Una historia bonita cl sica de esas que es toda una fortuna encontrar como una ganga en una librer a, en una sencilla y antigua edici n espa ola.

  5. Elisa Vangelisti Elisa Vangelisti says:

    Romance storico molto gradevole sotto diversi aspetti La quarta di copertina racconta di un matrimonio di convenienza fra un borghese e la figlia di un duca Quello che non spiega, per , l abilit di Gayle di tratteggiare un personaggio, Mr.Raven, in maniera davvero apprezzabile Il suo candore, la sua forza e la sua spontaneit sono dovute all essere un meticcio, mezzo scozzese e mezzo pellerossa E questo il magnate del ti

  6. Cristina Contilli Cristina Contilli says:

    Un incrocio tra un historical romance ed un giallo letto in cartaceo Questo libro un incrocio tra un historical romance ed un giallo, anche se, secondo me, si capisce abbastanza facilmente chi ce l ha con John Raven e perch lo vuole eliminare La cosa che ho trovato divertente sono le origini di Raven un nonno scozzese sopravvissuto alla battaglia di Culloden ed una nonna di una trib pellerossa che nel finale far anche un bel via

  7. Wyldrabbit Wyldrabbit says:

    I liked this book, and I had a hard time pulling myself away from it Although it took an eternity to become romantic The characters were somewhat flat and I found I really did not care for either of them, butfor the story In the end you started to like them, but still there was really no connection in how I felt Vs what was happening It lead me on and kept me wanting wantingstory than was produced I still enjoyed it The tale was interest

  8. Usagi Tsukino Usagi Tsukino says:

    Poor Raven w

  9. Eky Eky says:

    I re read this book from time to time and never get bored I like the setting, the hero and the heroine s characters and their love story What can I say, I am a hopelessly romantic girl

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