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Kindle Edition  Æ Ricardo PDF/EPUB Ê Can she escape her captor s heat US Marshal Melody Lewis lives her life by one code no men On a vacation trip to Dubai, she finds herself in the middle of a desert with no choice but to trust a man who s the key to her survivalKeeping American lives safe is Agent Ricardo Santiago s main priority Living life in the field, he doesn t have time for a relationshipuntil he meets a kidnapped woman who desperately needs his help

10 thoughts on “Ricardo

  1. Beth Beth says:

    This book was much better than book two in the series The story was suspenseful and romantic For the most part, characters behaved as you would expect, with the exception of the heroine who at times seemed oblivious to the type of danger she was in, which seemed unlikely given her own history and profession I also was disappointed in the quality of the editing, which failed to catch consistent pr

  2. Hasien Hasien says:

    Enjoyable I loved the desert setting I liked the character interactions between the Ricardo, Mel and Hakeem.

  3. KBeautiful1 KBeautiful1 says:

    I really, really enjoyed the final book of the Santiago Brothers series Don t get me wrong I loved the first two books as well but it was Ric s story where you get into the crux of the family pain and ultimate healing in this last book.Ric Santiago is a field operative in the middle east, his job is to help bring down terrorists who want to cause harm to the innocent civilians and crimes terrorism

  4. Vondetta Carter Vondetta Carter says:

    What do you do when you find yourself in a foreign country and you don t speak the language Melody found herself in such a situation We had met Melody as the partner of Alejandro Santiago in his story She was his friend and partner as a US Marshal in Texas However, in this riveting story, she is in the middle East She finds herself being argued over and claimed by a handsome man She has major issues

  5. Joyce Hudson Joyce Hudson says:

    Great book enjoyed reading about the Santiago brothers Loved the chemistry from the beginning to the end with Ric and Mel.Mel was dealing with some personal issues, glad she was able to work them out with Ric and was able to love again Ric had his demons to fight with concerning his father.Didn t see that coming with the ending but loved it all the same.Guess there was a method to Marie Santiago putt

  6. Celeste Celeste says:

    Ricardo and Melody join forces If you like action with romance than you will adore Ricardo s story I love the character development and the subplots I love seeing the Alpha male and woman come together The details were visual You felt like you were in the dessert You felt like you were in the bombing So many elements woven perfectly together You got to see the professional and personal side, and saw w

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    Ricardo had been working undercover for the agency for years Now he was trying to work on his contact to find out about the threat to the U.S Embassy in Dubai U S Marshall Melody Lewis was on vacation in Dubai but what she didn t count on was being Ricardo had two goals Find information about the threat and protect Melody.

  8. Mstcat Mstcat says:

    This is a clean romantic adventure that I enjoyed reading It wasn t the shortest book that I ve read, but I think it would have benefited from being longer Overall, I enjoyed it and I ll be checking out the first books in the series See my full review at Romance Between the Covers This is a clean romantic adventure that I enjoyed reading It wasn t the shortest book that I ve read, but I think it would h

  9. Brenda Brenda says:

    Great read First time reading this author s work and I really loved these brothers Bad boy turned good trying to prove to others who knew him before that he s changed and not the bad ass from youth.

  10. Renee Watson Butler Renee Watson Butler says:

    Great twist to keep the storyline moving As with the other two books in the series hardcore agents meet females that break their exterior and a romance is born.

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