River of Words: Young Poets and Artists on the Nature of

River of Words: Young Poets and Artists on the Nature of The California based River of Words ROW has gained fame as an important nonprofit that trains teachers, park naturalists, grassroots groups, and others to incorporate observation based nature exploration and the arts into young people s lives One of the group s most important annual projects is to take the youth pulse from the United States andother countries, by asking for writing on water and nature This anthology collects the best of that writing, with accompanying artwork Divided into nine geographical areas California, Pacific Northwest, Inland West, Midwest, Southwest, Northwest, Mid Atlantic, South, and International , the book presents writers from ages six toIn poems such as I Love My Dog, Seasons in Our Watershed, History of a Cornfield, and Swamp Shack, River of Words exhibits diverse voices, as well as some bilingual poems A remarkable confluence of Kcurriculum, children s literature, environmentalism, and poetry, this thoughtful book, in the words of Pulitzer Prize winning poet Gary Snyder, gives us pleasure and hope

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  1. Jiho Jiho says:

    Slivering drops of rain weep into a silent river Nature, what does it mean to you This book has lots of poems about the nature Beautifully written, and impressed that the authors were students just like me It was good to read lots of poems written by many students I have also learned the nature s beauty I recommend this book to everybody Es

  2. Tylerclem Tylerclem says:

    I like this book This book contains many types of the poem written by young age people I saw a few poems written by people younger than me and the poem was great Some of them are short and some of them are long I like both long and short poem each one has each good part But I think the short poem is hard to write because you have to put all t

  3. Nina Nina says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The River of Words is a book of great collections of poems by children of the age of 4 18 years It is so inspiring to see many, at the age of me, who create such beautiful poems in the form of art One poem that I favored the most was The Rythm of Life by Alicia D Pu

  4. Vanesa Salazar Vanesa Salazar says:

    What isinspiring for students, than seeing and reading other people their age s poems published in a book This collection of poetry is astounding The authors of this poem range from ages 5 18 filled with their observations on life or anything they believe is important enough to write about Some poems are written in Spanish and translated to Engli

  5. Nieva21 Nieva21 says:

    I think art is great for children which is why my favorite out of these two collections, is A river of Words Young Poets and Artists This whole collection was written and illustrated by children I really found it incredible to see what how artistically expressive each child artist, 4 years old to 19 years old can be with different modes of art To m

  6. Christina Christina says:

    Really quite good compilation of work from young poets, artists and creators My 8 year old son listens intently as I read some of the works out loud He really appreciates that the creations are by children, some his own age and others younger It seems to inspire him and I know he thinks about what he s heard based on questions and observations he mak

  7. Lori Lori says:

    This book is filled with the words and pictures of children, around the theme of water Their insights are profound even the simplest, sweetest poems resonate with an innate understanding of our interdependence of the natural world River of Words makes an excellent gift for teachers and for nature lovers of all ages.

  8. Elaine Elaine says:

    Wow I am loving this book It is amazing what children can do There was a poem by a nine year old that just blew me away, and the vibrant language used in every poem is just astounding It makes me sad, though I write poetry on occasion and I will never be as good as some of these kids

  9. Polly Polly says:

    This book shows a glimpse into how poetry, art can inspire children to express themselves and change the world at the same time It markes an annual international competition of children s art and poetry which is focused on the environment It takes its name from a William Carlos Williams poem.

  10. JoAnn JoAnn says:

    River of Words is not only a wonderful writing project but a crucial educational initiative to protect and revere watersheds.

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