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Paperback  ✓ Rules in Rescue PDF ↠ Rules in  PDF \ She walked away from him once Now he's her only hope Blackhawk Security weapons expert Anthony Harris has trained for any contingency Except the return of his exfianc�e Glennon Chase walked out on the former ranger five years ago And now the CID special agent needs Anthony's help with a deadly investigation into her partner's disappearance Dodging bullets he can handle, but pairing up with his ex is flatout dangerous Especially when Anthony discovers that the secret Glennon is keeping could get them both killed

10 thoughts on “Rules in Rescue (Blackhawk Security #2)

  1. Shatarupa Dhar Shatarupa Dhar says:

    ***e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***

    Series: Blackhawk Security #2

    CID Special Agent Glennon Chase needs her ex-fiancée's help, who is Blackhawk Security's weapons expert Anthony Harris – a former ranger. Help in finding her partner Sergeant Bennett Spen

  2. Paula Brandon Paula Brandon says:

    This was a vast improvement over the first book by this author, Rules In Blackmail. It's more of a 3.5 rounded up to a 4. There are some issues from the previous book that remain here: awful heroine, and a hero who is practically superhuman.

    Glennon Chase is with military police and is trying to track down her missing partner,

  3. Books and Spoons Books and Spoons says:

    An edgy, explosive story, filled with action, suspense, secrets, and betrayals. The pulse of the story keeps pounding hard and fast as the volatile situations keep escalating, even speeding up as the two former lovers have to face their past, their mistakes, and the choices they made while vulnerable and trying to survive the combat they had

  4. Lissanne Jones Lissanne Jones says:

    I loved the first book in the Blackhawk Security series and it was one of my top twenty-five reads last year. I knew the moment I finished book two that I already have a book for this year's list! This book ticked every single one of my boxes: a hero I can fall in love with; a heroine who can stand her own; enough action to keep you guessing at ev

  5. Denise H Denise H says:

    This is the first book I have read by this author but it will not be my last. Rules in Rescue is the second book in Severn’s Blackhawk Security series but can easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone. Though I have not yet read the first book, I had no problem following along. Each book shares characters from previous stories but contains a specific storyl

  6. Lynn Brooks Lynn Brooks says:

    4 1/2 STARS!

    Danger and intrigue from start to finish! I was quickly drawn into the lives of the characters as their unexpected reunion leads to rediscovering who the other is after all of these years apart. It doesn't take long for sparks to fly again, but letting their guard down may lead to more than they ever expected. Good character connecti

  7. Anima Anima says:

    Action packed thrill ride with a former Army Ranger turned private security and his ex fiance, military police investigator. It's part of a series but not connected to each other by storyline. The main characters have a lengthy past that trickles out as our story progresses. I felt like I was dropped into the middle of something big, it took a while to feel the

  8. Angela Royster Angela Royster says:

    Full of action with a touch of romance and a happily ever after. Anthony will do anything to protect the one he loves and Glennon will protect her secret as long as she can until either of them listen to their heart can love conquer all. This was such a good read and the suspense kept me wanting to read more.

  9. Paula Paula says:

    Absolutely fantastic . I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy of Rules In Rescue .
    I really enjoyed reading this story .
    WOW, I must say this is such a suspenseful,action packed and pulse pounding story . I couldn't and wouldn't put this story down . This story is intense full of intrigue . The characters are outstanding .
    Who doesn't lov

  10. Teresa Hild Teresa Hild says:

    I received an ARC of this book.

    This is the 2nd book in Nichole's Blackhawk Security books. The first one was awesome and this one topped it! This is an action-packed book with some definite twists and turns.

    Anthony Harris, weapons expert for Blackhawk Security, former Ranger, trained in any contingency in the security field, except the return of the o

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