Kindle Edition Æ Ruths Bonded ePUB Ê

Kindle Edition  Æ Ruths Bonded ePUB Ê When Ruth finds herself abducted and thrown into a cell with a big scary alien, naturally she s terrified At first But when she s forced to get along with her furry, tailed cellmate and her clothes get stolen things slowly start to change between them After they escape onto an unknown alien planet, they re finally free to explore their feelings and each other, but can they survive with only each other to rely on and no way of communicating Gron is from a matriarchal society where the males obey their Queens, so when a beautiful but strange female is dropped into his cell, he doesn t know what to think Is she a victim like him, or is she being used by his captors to control him Either way, he knows he must control his instincts or he will end up inescapably Bonded to her The delicate Queen needs his help to survive, and it is his duty to serve her, but can he do it without losing his heart

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