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[Reading] ➶ Seven Times the Sun  ➬ Shea Darian – Vejega.info PDF Epub Seven Times The Sun Shea Darian Escortkibris724.live Waldorf Mother And Educator Shea Darian Offers A Unique And Wonderfully Creative Guide To Help Parents And Children Forge A Strong Family Bond Weaving Songs, Stories, Family Rituals, And Verses Throughout, Darian Shows How To Bring Joy To Such Daily Events As Mealtimes, Going To Bed, Chores, Naps, And Playtime A Practical, Creative, And Much Needed Resource For Child Rearing In The 90s.

10 thoughts on “Seven Times the Sun

  1. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Here was the most powerful piece for me Homemaking is small gestures of usefulness and compassion love made visible adapted from pages 80 81.I loved it Not only have I read it, I also plan on re reading it.

  2. MotherMagic MotherMagic says:

    I am loving this A Waldorf inspired resource for homeschoolers and parents Darian s chapters begin with poetic musings, like the very best of a mother s journal entries written just before dawn and the awakening of a family Insightful and lyrical Short and sweet thoughts, insights, and ideas for transition rituals and ways to honor and celebrate the parts of our daily lives the waking up, the meal times, t...

  3. Meg Meg says:

    Nice book about using daily rituals in families Chapters are short and include a brief commentary or two on the spiritual meaning of the topic e.g Mealtimes some ideas for how to integrate spiritual practice into that part of the day some prayers, blessings, and songs and a fairy tale The ideas for spiritual practice are nice though not mostly new to me The book includes a lot of original songs by the...

  4. Gilead Press Gilead Press says:

    A long time favorite of the Waldorf school comm unity, this is a one of a kind book, full of inspired daily rituals, stories, songs, parenting wisdom and practical advice to create peace in the family An invaluable resource for celebrating ordinary moments of...

  5. t r a c y t r a c y says:

    One of my favorites on rhythm So much inspiration in the form of story, song and verse I love that the sections are short and manageable I felt I could pick it up and put it down throughout the day A must for Waldorf inspired folk

  6. Eleny Eleny says:

    Very helpful Full of wonderful songs, poems, and advice It is something I use everyday.

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    This book was just what I was looking for to inspire me to focus on the rhythms of our day as a family I love the blessings scattered throughout as well as the tips for creating your own personal rhythm.

  8. Dionne Dionne says:

    As I am fairly new to Waldorf education, I was pleasantly surprised in reading this book to find things I just did intuitively where highlighted throughout This book helped me to clarify and refine the areas I was struggling with in my personal rhythm and gave me ideas for the weekend.

  9. Lapriel Lapriel says:

    I like how this talks about the rhythms we have in life and how rhythms traditions schedules help to shape our lives Rhythms also help us and our children know what to expect gives us a sense of security.

  10. Katy Katy says:

    I thought this book had wonderful suggestions for creating rhythms of the day with your children.

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