She Stole My Boobs: A Tale of Titty Transfer PDF È

She Stole My Boobs: A Tale of Titty Transfer PDF È Candi Swisser is the bustiest, blondest starlet in Hollywood, and she just got hired to star in a commercial as the new Humdinger Bubble Gum girl But then Candi makes the mistake of gloating about her success to Caroline, her much smaller breasted rival, never dreaming that Caroline is secretly a witch with the power to take Candi s DDD cup boobs for herself Now Candi is horrified to find her precious breasts getting smaller and smaller, while Caroline is thrilled to watch herself bursting out of her bra Susan Donym s latest story is a kinky treat for fans of breast expansion and shrinking, attribute transfer and even age regression, as poor Candi s epic rack goes flat and she finds herself being increasingly mistaken for a kid She experiences the ultimate humiliation, losing her most prized possessions and being reduced to the flat chested, baby faced girl she thought she d never be again This short story contains adult language and situations and is approximately , words

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