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Showdown in West Texas ePUB ´ Showdown in  eBook Cochise County needed a new deputy and Cage Nichols needed a cover pronto Unfortunately, Cage unknowingly assumed the identity of an undercover hit man who d marked stand in Sheriff Grace Steele to be murderedHe was an ex cop sidelined by a bullet Now, Cage was embedded in the dusty West Texas border town with no choice but to assume the role of a double agent in order to expose a conspiracy and to protect his own hide That was the plan Until he met GraceWhether it was the isolation of the no man s land town of Jericho Pass or the intense desert heat, he couldn t say, but Cage was fast falling for Grace He only hoped she wouldn t lock him up after he saved her

10 thoughts on “Showdown in West Texas

  1. Patricia Atkinson Patricia Atkinson says:

    I loved the story line where a guy cole is driving his way to a job and his car breaks down ends up in a bar where everyone gets killed except him and the guy that jumped out of the bathroom window.only to find that guy dead later.hitches a ride with a guy who has a heart attack and dies than finds money a gun and a photo of a women.goes to drop it on police doorstep and is mistaken for the new police he just goes with the flow till it all begins to unravel..a

  2. Sherry Sherry says:

    Showdown in West Texas is not going to be one of my favorites, I like and enjoy Amanda Stevens work but not this particular title It was very busy with no pauses to digest the storyline although the characters were well written and I could relate to them very well Even the best written characters need a well paced plot, and I felt as a reader that this plot just moved too fast Maybe if there hadn t been different villians after both the male and female leads

  3. Vera VB Vera VB says:

    Not worth reading, bad and unrealistic plot, stupid love affaire, not my kind of reading material.

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