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Free ↠ Silent Confessions  By Julie Kenner – Was It Poetic Justiceor An Education In Obsession Bookstore Owner Veronica Archer Is Eager To Oblige When Sexy Detective Jack Parker Shows Up At Her Shop, Seeking Help On The Stalking Case He S Working Verses From Victorian Erotica Are Being Left For The Victims, And Jack Needs To Interpret The Clues Before Someone Gets Hurt Thankfully, Ronnie S An Expert On Naughty Turn Of The Century Prose, But If She S Going To Play Teacher, Jack Will Have To Be A Dedicated Student With Her Own Love Life Stuck In Neutral, Ronnie S Sensual Studies Have Piqued Her Curiosity, And She Wonders If Reality Can Be As Stimulating As Fiction She Agrees To Help Jack With His Case, If He Ll Satisfy Her Wildest, Most Scandalous Desires A Request Jack Has No Problem Accommodating But The Closer They Get To Each Other, The Closer The Stalker Circles In, Leaving Jack To Question If Ronnie Is Merely A Very Skilled Scholar Or The Key To Something Far Sinister.

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  1. Julianna Julianna says:

    Reviewed for THC Reviews Silent Confessions was my second read by Julie Kenner It s one of her older books that s on the shorter side,the length of a Harlequin romance It was actually published by Harlequin, but not in one of their specialized lines I really like Ms Kenner s writing style It s straightforward and easy to read Her love scenes are loaded with steam, probably on the order of a Harlequin Blaze A couple are borderline erotic, but there are also several that are closed doo Reviewed for

  2. Cindy Cindy says:

    This was a good mystery with a romantic twist Veronica Ronnie is the owner of an erotic bookstore and working on her PhD in erotic literature Detective Jack Parker is investigating a sex crimes involving erotic literature left at the scene and through a misunderstanding gets thrown together with Ronnie They do end up helping each other out inways than one There s several steamy scenes and they add to the tension of the story There are a few red herrings and it s a decent mystery This was a good mystery

  3. Jane Jane says:

    I like a lot of her books but this one was okay The story line very predictable, but I did like the main characters.

  4. Sue Siebert Sue Siebert says:

    Wow So you know those authors that you just can t help but read and absorb everything they right Just because they know exactly how to, not only capture, but to keep your attention and keep you emotionally involvedWell Julie Kenner is that writer for me I ve read nearly everything she s written and this storyOMG Valerie, or Ronnie as she liked to be called, is an erotic bookstore owner She and her 1 2 brother Nat live above the store Nat has been pestering her to sell, but Ronnie w Wow So you know those authors that

  5. Aurian Booklover Aurian Booklover says:

    A stalker has been leaving erotic notes to a married woman, and her husband is not amused by it But now he has upped his stakes, by breaking into their highly secured apartment, and leaving his next message on her pillow The woman claims to have no idea who it is, or how he entered their home, but she is clearly shaken And of course she won t admit to anything with her husband hovering over her Detective Jack Parker needs a break in this case, or he won t be able to solve it Perhaps an exper A stalker has been leaving er...

  6. Rebecca Schwalm Rebecca Schwalm says:

    Sex crimes and erotic Victorian poetry What do they have in common More than you would think Detective Jack Parker needs help in solving a rash of sex crimes from the clues that are left behind by our killer The clues are taken from old Victorian poetry and with the assistance of erotic bookstore owner Veronica Archer, they begin a mind bending, roller coaster adventure Heat and sexual tension arise from the start,and a lot of misconceptions about each other he thinks she s a professor, Sex crimes and erotic Victorian poetry What

  7. Ann Marie Ann Marie says:

    This book was written long before Fifty Shades and its too bad it doesn t get a do over now that erotica is acceptable in dinner party conversations It s mystery involves someone who leaves erotic verses and postcards as his calling card Detective Jack Parker needs help in deciphering erotic messages so he seeks help in a bookstore owner and expert Veronica helps him understandthan he ever thought possible When things turn steamy between the two of them it becomes clear that Veronica i This book was written long before Fifty Shades and i

  8. Norma Smith Norma Smith says:

    silent Confessions is great erotic murder mystery Julie Kenner did a fabulous job weaving all three groups into a great read This is a great read for anyone who loves murder mysteries with a erotic twist Jack Parker a hard nose cop, in need of a lot of help with erotic clues left behind at stalking cases Veronica Archer, looking for answers from a robbery at her bookstore Little does Jack or Ronnie realize they will need and help each other inways then they realize It is true some co silent Confessions is great erotic murder mystery Julie Kenne

  9. Cecilia Rodriguez Cecilia Rodriguez says:

    Set in contempory New York, a series of break ins linked by erotic quotes has Detective Jack Parker all hot and bothered Veronica Archer is a bookstore owner with a collection of Victorian erotica When Jack enlist Ronnie s expertise, the couple engage in some very...

  10. Cecilia Rodriguez Cecilia Rodriguez says:

    A contempory mystery thriller that is also a very steamy romance Set in New York, Detective Jack Parker is investigating a series of break ins where the criminal leaves behind quotes from erotic literature Jack enlist the expertise of Vero...

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