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[PDF] ↠ Sinner Author Shayne Silvers – Vejega.info If You Want To Get To Heaven, You Ve Got To Raise A Little Hell Callie Penrose Is Struggling To Find Her Special Purpose In Life Rather Than Allying With Any Of The Powerful Supernatural Groups Begging To Sign Her Up The Vatican, The Vampires, The Shifters, Or The Armies Of Both Heaven And Hell Callie Has Been Picking Fights With All Of ThemBut When She S Abducted By A Host Of Angels, And A Greater Demon Begins Hunting Her Through The Daytime Streets Of Kansas City, Callie Learns That Her Past Has Come Back To Haunt HerThanks To Her Actions In Recent Months, Solomon S Temple Has Been Opened, And The Estate Sale Is On A First Come, First Served BasisTo Win Her Birthright, Callie Is Going To Need Cain S Help Even Then, She S Going To Have To Cut Some Corners, Cross Some Lines, To Take A Bite Out Of An Apple But They Say Every Saint Was Once A Sinner I love this book I love Shayne Silvers I read Templeverse books in one sitting They are worth your time You will not be disappointed I go through what these characters go through other than having magic I feel what they feel You wouldn t think that this book would make you cry and then make you laugh but it does It also made me feel a little bit guilty because I was raised in a religious household and this book just stomps all over everything that I believe in I have to make myself say that this is just entertainment and then I can enjoy it After that then I can honestly say that this is one of the best books that I have read in a long time Callie says some amazing things in this book I love the fact that she likes Nate and wants to be with him I love the fact that she won t be with him until she is able to meet him as his equal It s beautiful Hurry up Shayne We are all ready for another Templeverse book today This would be my choice for the Good Reads awards All the Templeverse books would. I hate it when he breaks the status quo and treats it like just another day at the office The sixth installment of this book can t come soon enough, because this one managed to up end the scales again only to drag them right back to where they were with almost none of the consequences, but all the gravitas remaining as if they had Callie Penrose has become adrift in her own life, her own soul and her own existence, and its become apparent to all those watching her that she is becoming all the dangerous for it, so for her lack of direction This book takes some of the introspective exploration Callie has indulged in previously to rather phenomenal levels, but instead of hashing it out purely in her own brain, her exploration is dragged out in the tangible sense, as the further she explores and discovers, the in turn she leaves of herself behind For every question answered, a new one is asked, and everything she leaves behind awaits her ahead as she tries to put a name to herself in than just words or thoughts If that sounds confusing, it is, but the writing for it is structured to the extent that it makes sense with how it plays out Most importantly though it shows Callie Penrose has a destiny, but what she does with it and how will make it anything but destined Her pieces are falling closer and closer into place, and for all one might consider of her position being subordinate to the longer established Nate Temple simply for running longer, her position in that world as a whole might not be so obviously defined And time is marching on without respite for both of them The scale of this novel is narrowly focused, but the magnitude of it has long standing, far reaching effects for Callie Penrose going forward The action is still present, but in line with the themes of the story the battles have impact symbolically than they do tangibly And while there are still glaringly huge answers dangled like a steak just out of reach of the lions, the pacing of their unveiling versus the abruptness of the questions bearing them is still played out to meticulous precision Overall the book the manages to warp the status quo by breaking it entirely and then setting it right back again, which should only stand to reason with this author at this point Though minus one star for that downright insulting brush over of what should have been a huge revelation realized in a single instant upon hearing of it From a bloody Archangel no less. Shayne is the master of blending Epic Legends and fiction I thought the trip to Fae and the underworld Nate went on was crazy Nope Not even close to the quest Callie and Cain go on Talk about down the rabbit hole or take the blue pill Or red pill This book takes you for a Matrix type ride It will have you laughing, crying, yelling and laughing so hard you cry again Then you asking yourself why didn t I take the blue pill Lol Trust me it will all make sense after you read this amazing, crazy, brilliant, hilarious, and heart pounding book. Callie and Cain Get Seasoning Lots of action on this quest with a few different goals including an existential one with which most can relate I think the main reason for Callie to be on this quest was simply seasoning Not until a person has lived through difficulties e.g battles or quests can she truly appreciate the simple things in life That is something else with which I can identify I need the next book yesterdaybut I appreciated and enjoyed this one.

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