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[Ebook] Slasher Movies By Mark Whitehead – Vejega.info Pocket Essentials Is A Dynamic Series Of Books That Are Concise, Lively, And Easy To Read Packed With Facts As Well As Expert Opinions, Each Book Has All The Key Information You Need To Know About Such Popular Topics As Film, Television, Cult Fiction, History, And Slasher Movies Took Horror To New Heights Of Graphic Violence While, In Some Cases, Simultaneously Plumbing New Depths Of Camp Self Referentiality They Have Nonetheless Had A Lasting Impact From Respectable Studio Pictures Such As The Silence Of The Lambs And Single White Female, To The New Breed Of Teen Movies Such As TheScream Franchise, Which Play Knowingly With The Conventions Of The Slasher In This Pocket Essential Guide You Ll Find An Introductory Essay, An In Depth Discussion Of All The Major Films, A Consideration Of The Influences On The Genre, And A Checklist Of The Stars Who Got Their Big Break Being Slashed

10 thoughts on “Slasher Movies

  1. Pete Pete says:

    Less an academic insight into a sub genre,a collection of sardonic Letterboxd movie reviews made my someone with a distaste for seemingly every movie except the original Halloween.The audiobook is particularly bad, with frequent mispronunciations, and the reader stumbling over their lines.

  2. Simon Logan Simon Logan says:

    The book itself was okay, doesn t really provide information that isn t available in any number of other sources but a decent intro to the genre.I had this as an audiobook and I have to say that the narration production was pretty bad I don t think I ve even ever listened to an audiobook and notice the production values before but I did here The narrator constantly mispronounces names and even stumbles over his words a few times which make

  3. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Interesting information when it s right and analysis It s an entertaining read as well However, it does have quite a few misquotes and faulty pieces of information.

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