Soldier On Epub Ê Kindle Edition

Soldier On Epub Ê Kindle Edition I had been happy to die, if it meant keeping my people safe and money enough for my mother and little sisters to make it to summer But now I thought that dying was easy Most dying, for one, was over pretty fast, soldiers knew how to get their job done and nobody had no time to be playing games Ok, he said and I felt his breath on my neck, warm and sticky And then I felt it Something bigger than his fingers nudging Life isn t fair And war even less so, when he gets captured by the enemy, Len knows he must pay the price to his captor defeat But maybe the cost is too dear for him to pay without losing his very self An M M, M M M story including gender transformation, sissification, forced feminization, domination, boys with extra parts and much Due to explicit scenes of a sexual nature this is only appropriate for

10 thoughts on “Soldier On

  1. ⚣Michaelle⚣ ⚣Michaelle⚣ says:

    2.5 Stars

  2. Ed Davis Ed Davis says:

    This book was just strange Men who turn into women There was no explanation of why, so that made it even stranger.

  3. Jennifer babcock Jennifer babcock says:

    Not what you would expectIt was a little out there I would have likedof a romance and dialog between characters I did struggle with reading the book because of grammar The ending came from out of no where Too many questions left unanswered.

  4. Shin Mon Thway Shin Mon Thway says:

    Not a romance at all Just dark and twisted bordering on ugly Not as bad as the fourth book The Alpha solution which drained me completely but nonetheless exhausting 2.5 Not feeling it stars

  5. Sally Sally says:

    Wow This was darkextraordinarily darkbut also utterly fascinating I have a hard time classifying Soldier On as erotica, since so much of the story involves non consensual sexual abuse, and yet I cannot deny that aspects of it are erotic.N.J Lysk walks a very fine line here, but keeps the story from being cruelly exploitative by focusing on Seeran s experience, and making

  6. Absynthe Absynthe says:

    The story is unique and interesting I would like to see the story fleshed out a bit and continued to a satisfying conclusion.Desperately needs copy editing and final proofreading for spelling, grammar, content flow, etc.If the story received these changes I would bethan happy to recommend it.

  7. Becca Becca says:

    Not for everyoneI can understand why this book is getting lesser reviews It talks about a war but nothing is mentioned about why or who is at war Just us and them The lack of information is the reason I m giving it only 4stars I found the idea of biologically changing someone s sex very interesting and a welcomed spin in thegenre Looking forward to the next books.

  8. Marie Marie says:

    A very dark romance , if you can call it that Seeran is a soldier who loses in battle and now has to go through Defeat It is not at all what you would think.The story is a little out there but was fairly well written We start right at his Defeat and we get little glimpses into the world he is from in between the sex scenes.It is a good turn your brain off gay erotica if you are not t

  9. Chad Chad says:

    Definitely not for everyoneThis story is unhappy and somewhat disturbing.I read a lot of mpreg books and first thought feminization was just another name for being a bottom when apparently it means sex change in this case from a man into a woman , if I had known that that I would not have bought this book not my thing at all Aside from my own misunderstanding I did finish the book and it

  10. L.D. L.D. says:

    This is not a romance, but a twisted and dark story with extremely kinky sex It can be triggering for some people, so make sure to read the warnings I enjoyed this story immensely, but I wished it was longer.

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