Hardcover Æ Special Wonder eBook Ê

Hardcover  Æ Special Wonder eBook Ê Anthony Boucher memorial anthology of fantasy sf The Fire Balloons Martian Chroniclesstory by Ray BradburyThe Wild Woodstory by Mildred Clingerman The Muddle of the Woad Lord Darcynovella by Randall Garrett Gun for Hirestory by Mack Reynolds Ransomstory by HB Fyfe Pretty Maggie Moneyeyesnovelette by Harlan Ellison King s Evilstory by Avram Davidson You re Anothernovelette by Damon Knight Puppet Showstory by Fredric Brown Green Magicstory by Jack Vance Old Man Hendersonstory by Kris Neville Prometheus Father Carmody novella by Philip Jos Farmer Journeys Endstory by Poul Anderson The Gnurrs Come from the Voodvork Outstory by Reginald BretnorThe Shape of Things That Camestory by Richard Deming Puzzle for Spacemennovelette by John Brunner Warm Manstory by Robert Silverberg The Canvas Bagstory by Alan E Nourse The Apotheosis of Kistory by Miriam Allen deFord Built Up Logicallystory by Howard Schoenfeld Brightness Falls from the Airstory by Margaret St Clair as by Idris Seabright Pilgrimagestory by Chad Oliver The Threestory by Gordon R Dickson Through Time Space w Ferdinand Feghootstory by Reginald Bretnor as by Grendel Briarton He Kilt It with a Stickstory by William F Nolan The Brazen Locked Room Gimmicks story by Isaac AsimovDeny the Slakestory by Richard Wilson Cruelty story by Jon DeCles Aunt Agathastory by Doris Pitkin Buck Introduction Special Wonder essay by J Francis McComas Fantasy Science Fiction Magazine editor McComas apparently invited authors who had known or worked with his predecessor, Anthony Boucher, to contribute pieces in honor of the latter in commemoration of his life and work Most, in my opinion, are mediocre works, notable exceptions being Bretnor s The Gnurrs Come from the Voodvork Out , which hit my funnybone, and Ellison s Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes.

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