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[PDF / Epub] ✪ Starfighter Chapter 1 (Starfighter, #1)  ☆ Hamlet Machine – Vejega.info Epub Starfighter Chapter 1 Starfighter, 1 By Hamlet Machine Oldtimertips.us In An Unknown Time And Place, There S A War Going On In Space And Mankind Has Developed A System Of Fighting That Includes Two Sides Of A Team One Person Is The Fighter Who Pilots The Spacecraft And His Partner Is The Navigator Who Directs The Way.Navigators Come From Higher Society And Are Mostly Seen As Privileged And Intelligent Fighters Are Men That Are Known For Their Violent Tendancies, Skills In Combat, And Anger Issues.Abel Didn T Want To Follow His Politican Father Into His World And Instead Chose His Own Path As A Navigator He S Gay And Has Always Had Strong Desires That He S Hidden Until He S Partnered With His Fighter, Cain.Cain Is Unpredictable, Violent, Possessive, And Very Skilled At What He Does He Goes Through Navigators Faster Then Any Other Fighter So He S Developed The Reputation That He S Impossible To Work With.When Cain Meets Abel, He Marks Him And Possessives Him In Every Way Possible Unknowingly Giving Abel Exactly What He S Been Craving For Years Now The Only Question Is, Will Their Relationship Grow To Benefit Them Both In This Time Of War Or With Cain S Reputation And Violent Tendancies End Up Destroying Abel

10 thoughts on “Starfighter Chapter 1 (Starfighter, #1)

  1. Anya Anya says:

    Read till chapter 4BOY DO I LOVE TERRITORIAL SCENES LIKE THIS And thus, I popped my yaoi cherry last night.This was so effing brilliant And graphically delicious I have an unhealthy thing for asshole boys in literature Kyo Sohma, Edward F Rochester, Felix Rivendale, Colin Sandhurstyou get the gist You know, the one

  2. Sheziss Sheziss says:

    I m officially wasted.Sex in the space Hiyaaaaaaa How the hell certain people make awesome stuff like this For free Awww, this was not only hot but it has a great plot.And it promises to deliver even MORE Volumes in the series Chapter 4 You can read it for free online here.

  3. ✨ jamieson ✨ ✨ jamieson ✨ says:

    aaaahhhh yeah so people who said this was weird were hmm definitely rightThe thing is, I really like sci fi graphic novels so I wanted to try this but I was CONFUSED and also kinda about what I was reading This basically is about a group of pilots fighters in space who are battling an alien species, but most of this book is taken up

  4. MaDoReader MaDoReader says:

    Me encantan Ca n y Abel La trama de este primer cap tulo, bueno, es introductoria y no es para tirar cohetes Ahora, los dibujos OMG, muy calentitos como a mi me gustan

  5. Frau Sorge (Yuki) Frau Sorge (Yuki) says:

    Hi there Please, meet Cain And Abel Cain is possessive and violent, Abel is great yin to his yang, if you know what I mean.Hell, I m still coming to terms with what I ve just read, what I ve just watche...

  6. ⊱ Poppy ⊰ ⊱ Poppy ⊰ says:

    OH MY GOD it was AMAZING D P Review to come.

  7. Meags Meags says:

    4 StarsThis review covers the whole saga thus far.I should begin by saying that when I started this Webcomic I had no idea it was still a WIP currently mid Chapter 4 This seems like important information for one to have going in, at least for me because I m the most impatient person ever and I positively hate waiting But if you don t have an issue with reading incomple

  8. Lucy Westenra Lucy Westenra says:

    Bueno, bueno, bueno, BUENO Pues empezamos bien e.e

  9. Kerenza Kerenza says:

    3 stars Well who knew graphic novels could be sographic Graphic novels not my scenebut tick on my reading challenge

  10. ⚔ Silvia ⚓ ⚔ Silvia ⚓ says:

    WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK Okay so hello it s me I accidentally started another comic again, I swear I didn t want to but it s just my mouse slipped and I clicked on the Starfighter site because I really like Hamlet Machine and I didn t know the comic was free but then it was and I AIN T SAYING NO TO A FREE COMIC so anyway I read the first page and then the second and then I WAS REALLY WEIRDED

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