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Kindle Edition  ✓ Stripped Bear Kindle Ê This was a hot quick read I will definitely be looking intoof Lockwoods books. I feel like I m beginning to expect too much from the books I read I just wasn t all that impressed with this story I really didn t care about what happened to the characters Maybe after a re read in the future I ll change my opinion. This one is a did not finish for me Though I tried to get through at least half the book Just overly dramatic and the plot not thoroughly thought through They seemed to be acting as teens in a relationship Characters are rather immature Nothing about that captivated me nor drew me in A rather disappointing read. It started out okay but the heroine becameandannoying as the story progressed This made it very difficult to feel any sympathy for the situation she was going through especially as she came across as being ignorant. It was a so so book The conversations were trite and juvenile in many places It could have been a much better story without the feisty heroine being so feistyThe story didn t really call for all of her attitude. When I first started, I thought that it was going to be horrible, however, it was better than expected Not great, but for a short story, decent A few unanswered questions what was up with Brooke and Gwen It just seems like this was going to be longer and she decided to end it. I couldn t stand the heroine She was ignorant petty and just down right not likeable The guys had little to no character development and it was just ugh Proper nouns were confused and basically it was like a bad porno in written form. When Ayana moved into her first home in Charlotte, North Carolina, she thought nothing could be perfect The quiet little street was a sharp contrast to where she d come from, and she loved it What made her wonder though was when the ladies in the neighborhood speculated on whether Ayana would be competition The verdict wasn t favorable Just when she began to question what kind of community she d moved into, Ayana discovers that her home is snuggled right in the middle of two sexy men on both sides of her And to the annoyance of the women on the block including the local slut she is the object of Reece s and Blaine s desiresReece and Blaine have a secret They are not quite human Ayana might be afraid to accept their m nage relationship, but they re sure of what they feel about her She is their mate, and they have no problem sharing the mocha beauty The only thing left to do is convince Ayana that her new life isn t complete until they are a permanent part of itWarning This fiesty heroine pisses off every single and married woman in her quiet neighborhood by carrying on a sexual relationship with two hot bear shifters This was good Started out shaky but came together. BK2 is Bear Necessities

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