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Sweet Silver Bells eBook í Sweet Silver  MOBI :Ê Brief encounter or forever love Then Being chosen to design luxury hotels in Charleston is a career coup for privileged Crystal Eaton Meeting charismatic corporate attorney Joseph Cole Wilson is an unexpected bonus Until one passion filled night in Joseph s penthouse changes her life forever Now Haunted by sensual memories, Joseph can t accept their short lived liaison as a onetime fling And when a chance encounter reunites him with the Florida beauty, the Cole heir vows she won t get away a second time Even after discovering Crystal s secret, Joseph knows nothing can dim his desire He ll prove it with sweet words of love that could make this a Christmas to remember If she ll just say yes

10 thoughts on “Sweet Silver Bells

  1. Karen Karen says:

    I absolutely loved Joseph He was the epitome of a man that loved hard when he indeed fell in love He didn t care about his riches, he cared deeply for Crystal who was a hot mess due to her insecurities and things that happened in her past This was a great love story, although I thought it took so long to get to the punch line

  2. Jite Jite says:

    This book concludes the delightful Eatons series from this author I ve really enjoyed reading the books even though they are somewhat old fashioned and have potentially problematic aspects to them especially with the way the couples fight and talk to each other I definitely got some allusions to potential toxic masculinity andtraditional roles of women But that

  3. Marsha Marsha says:

    This novel begins in media res and presents me with a view of the male lead of this romance that made me dislike him right from the start He shows up snarling and insulting the female lead at the airport Then he grabs her by the arm ah, male yanking in romances there ought to be a trope about this and when she resists he tightens his grip He practically forces her i

  4. Connie N. Connie N. says:

    I just couldn t warm up to these characters, especially Crystal She came across as judgmental and standoffish When she stays in a luxury hotel when she s commissioned to decorate a new hotel in Charleston, she meets Joseph and is attracted right away But she sends him mixed messages, I thought And her uppity attitude annoyed me She told him she wanted to sleep with him

  5. Sonia Sonia says:

    More emotional depthI skipped a few so I could learnabout how author catches up readers in her series This book hasemotional conflict and time changes If you want a different style from Alers, this covers it Actually liked itthan others but many details were spared, making it less of a immersion into the characters lives.

  6. Bari E. Bari E. says:

    Great ReadConsistent contemporary romance Wonderful depiction of coming together and letting the heart have it s way Never disappointed in reading theism author.

  7. Queen Coop Queen Coop says:

    This was a great series I hate that it s over

  8. Kim Kim says:

    Enjoyed the Eaton series

  9. Shone Shone says:

    I have been reading the Cole family series since Regina was kidnapped as a little girl The Eaton family series with Belinda Eaton getting custody of her deceased sisters twin Now the Cole s and Eaton s of Florida two well known, educated, well to do, families are joining together this is going to be explosive.

  10. Brenda Brenda says:

    Two of my favorite families joined together I LOVED Joseph and Crystal s story I loved that Joseph knew from the beginning like ALL the Cole men that Crystal was THE ONE and he didn t rush her into a relationship by letting her set the standard Hooked from page one til the very last page Oh and I loved the love bracelet Ms Rochelle, you rock and you did that

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