Tactical Barbell II PDF ↠ Tactical Barbell eBook

Tactical Barbell II  PDF ↠ Tactical Barbell  eBook You have something very valuable in your hands A lifetime s worth of training knowledge, drawn from the world s most extreme arenas Lessons learned and best practices from military operators, tactical law enforcement, martial artists, and others that rely on their physical abilities to survive and thrive in very harsh and unforgiving environments Where there s at stake than winning a medal, or getting a bruised ego Bottom line, with these people, the training has to work By implementing the strategies in this book, you will cut your learning curve by decades You re going to be able to take your conditioning to the next level and beyond, while avoiding costly amateurish mistakes that lead to injury and burn out The path has been laid out and handed to you on a silver platter If you re an older athlete, you re going to reclaim that confidence you once had in your physical abilities You may have forgotten what that feels like Prepare to be reminded It s great having a 600lb squat and 400lb bench press However, as an operational athlete, if you can t run, work, or thrive for long periods of time in a multitude of energy demanding environments, you are ineffective Your big bench press is useless, your big squat is useless Tactical Barbell proposes you work towards being a different kind of athlete The kind that is not only extremely strong, but also highly conditioned If you look carefully, you ll see these people all around you That guy on your Emergency Response Team with the 350lb bench press and a sub 9 minute 1.5 mile run The old Marine Sergeant that can run 6 miles in under 40 minutes, deadlifts over 600lbs and does 30 dead hang pull ups So how do you get there It s not what you think Popular bootcamp style approaches that throw a lot of push ups and running at you in a haphazard fashion don t work Sure, you ll break a sweat and release some endorphins You might even lose a pound or two But take a good hard look at your progress For all your effort, are you really that far ahead To make real progress, you have to look to the approaches used by the pros Train each attribute you re trying to improve in a progressive manner, using the most effective tools for that particular fitness domain.In TB2, you ll find the structured, three pronged approach to conditioning we take with all of our clients It consists of Base Building, followed by a transition to a specific continuation protocol Periodic maintenance of lower priority fitness domains complete our model.TBII is our manual for training tactical law enforcement candidates, soldiers and recreational athletes You will be hard pressed to find a thorough, and effective conditioning program If you are a results oriented individual looking for concrete, actionable programming based on cutting edge research, TB2 is for you.

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