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The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle ePUB ´ Deaths CLICK HERE for a Booktube Video about:Ten Fabulous Book Reviews and One That Will Make You Go doesn't that belong to Miranda Reads?Now that you know this one made the list check the video review to see the rest (and find the stolen surprise)! The Written Review Read this one for TCE book club! If this isn’t hell, the devil is surely taking notes Lord and Lady Hardcastle are throwing a party at Blackheath, their crumbling British mansion.This socalledparty takes place on the anniversary of their son's murder (19 years ago), includes the exact same guests as it did so many years ago.And, during the night, trusts will be violated, truths will be exposed and above all, their daughter, Evelyn Hardcastle will be murdered.Aidan Bishop, along with two others, are in competition to be the first to discover Evelyn Hardcastle's murderer Too little information and you're blind, too much and you're blinded Bishop relives the night of Evelyn's murder for eight days, and each day he is in a different body and has a new chance to find the murderer Life doesn’t always leave you a choice in how you live it The first day, Bishop wakes up in Dr Sebastian Bell's body, without a clue as to where he is and what he is supposed to do.The second day, Bishop wakes up in the butler's bodybut pastBishop is also inhabiting Bell's body Which leads to a lot of confusion and surprise.The third day, there's currentBishop, pastBishop and pastpastBishop.well you get the point Each day Bishop adds another character under his belt He gets eight bodies, and eight days, to piece together the mystery The two others who are in competition with Bishop are unknown to him and are also inhabiting bodies (though, unlike him, they cannot swap and every day their memories reset) They are all racing to find out the murderer, because whoever can figure out this mystery is the winner.And the winner? The winner gets to escape How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home? This book was confusing in the best way possible.I could barely write my summary there's just so many layers of complexity and betrayals and everything.So effing impressed I was wholly ensnared by the mystery I hardly knew what to think or where to look but it was such a fun and wild ride that I didn't care.Aiden Bishop was a wonderfully fleshedout character and Turton did a particularly excellent job with the various bodies that Bishop possessed.In particular, I loved how each body Bishop possessed would begin to influence him When he was Dr Sebastian Bell, Bishop was meek, under the butler's influence Bishop became moralistic and so on It was fascinating to watch how that played out.The only thing that threw me slightly was the end The build to the climax and the ending were superbbut the actual grand reveal was a bit of a letdown.I honestly don't know what I as expecting, just something a bitif that makes any senseAll I know is that this is an author to watch I cannot wait to see what Turton writes next!! We are neverourselves than when we think people aren’t watching Audiobook CommentsRather wellread, a thoroughly enjoyable book to listen to!YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat @miranda.reads Too little information and you're blind, too much and you're blinded The abovequoted line sums up perfectly the MIND F**KERY ((ahem, literary puzzle)) that is The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle Let me be clear, this book is bloody FANTASTIC!Never have I been so excited by being so confused whilst reading a book!Turton is a Master This was completely original, completely out there and completely compelling I was so absorbed in every moment and.well, CONFUSED.There is really not much I can say about the plot of this novel without getting all spoilery I recommend going into this knowing as little as possible.This being said, you should be aware of the fact that it is okay to be reading it and not understanding anything that is going on The longer it goes, theinfo you have and theconfusing it can become It's exceptional in its detail I had so many theories, some panned out, others didn't but I never stopped guessing, right up until the very end.If you are looking for a completely unique mystery to get you through the holiday season, look no further Stop right here! This is the book you need to read.I cannot wait to readfrom Stuart Turton I am already fangirling over him after one book I just love his ingenuity and style Thank you so much to the publisher, Sourcebooks Landmark, for providing me a copy to read and review I am blown away!!! (4.5) If you’re looking for a book to keep you awake at night because you NEED to finish it then this is it!Somebody’s going to be murdered at the ball tonight It won’t appear to be a murder so the murderer won’t be caught Rectify that injustice and I’ll show you the way out.I loved how unique the premise was, a murdermystery where the main character gets to relive the same day 8 times to try and solve it but every day he's in a different body It was also interesting to see how the different bodies/personalities affected the story and there were twists I didn’t see coming I was feeling a reading slump creeping in and this book fixed it so I’m rounding it up to 5 stars.Would recommend if you’re in the mood for a mystery with a scifi twist to it! 4.5 So much fun! 3.5 maybe it is just me? But never the less confusing stars🌟🌟🌟The concept of this book was really quite brilliant A little reminiscent of both Life After Life and Ground Hog Day with the added little twist of the body swapping.Admittedly it is holiday time and I was not as focused on this book as I needed to be so as far as me being confused throughout the majority of this book, it could very likely just be a me problem I kept needing to go back and reread parts because I really got lost as to what body Aidan was in at what time. I was also a little bit overwhelmed keeping track of all the characters and what part they played in the story, but again it could have been me!I liked the premise, I really was intrigued by the mystery, I just was not invested enough to probably grasp the full concept additionally I had a huge expectation of a fabulous ending that would make all of this make complete sense to me, and that sadly did not happen for me..So while I found this book very clever in concept, I found it a little ok really a lot confusing for me The good news is this book is not released until September, so I might give it another chance this summer when I can be a littlefocused and give it the proper attention it probably deserves*** i’d like to thank Net Galley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review *** This was a buddy read, that left Norma, Marie Alyce, and myself baffled truly think it was bad timing, definitely not a holiday read! But thanks ladies for making me realize I was not alone in this! 😘 This was w i l d wow. Reading The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle left me MIND BLOWN!🤯 What an intricately layered and amazing plot If you haven't read this one yet, please jump into this book blindly and savor every moment At times you will feel like you are flailing in the water, drowning in confusion Just keep reading, treading through the chapters as you go Grab hold of the bits that are sent your way and store them It will all make sense in the end!I thought I was prepared for Turton I read carefully, giving the book my full attention I even reread parts to be sure I understood what I thought I was meant to understand Still, I did not fully see where I was being led This was an outstanding literary puzzle! It was not only an expertly crafted whodunnit, it truly ends up being so much5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and I'd give itif I could I love to be challenged and surprised by a book and this one did that and then some 🙌🏽What a debut! I can not wait to see where Turton's mind takes us next I'm there for it!Thank you to Stuart Turton, Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for an advance copy to read in exchange for my honest review. I need urgent extra brain cell transplantation right now! What a mind blowing twisting bending and also f*cking book! If it wasn’t so much captivating journey, I wouldn’t finish it! I loved it so much but I’m really tired right now It takes too much of your energy to read it and totally worth it! Agatha Christie meets Groundhog Dayquite unlike anything I’ve ever read, and altogether triumphant”A J Finn,New York Timesbestselling author of The Woman in the WindowAiden Bishop knows the rules Evelyn Hardcastle will die every day until he can identify her killer and break the cycle But every time the day begins again, Aiden wakes up in the body of a different guest at Blackheath Manor And some of his hosts are helpful than others With a locked room mystery that Agatha Christie would envy, Stuart Turton unfurls a breakneck novel of intrigue and suspenseFor fans of Claire North, and Kate Atkinson, The ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is a breathlessly addictive mystery that follows one man's race against time to find a killer, with an astonishing timeturning twist that means nothing and no one are quite what they seemThis inventive debut twists together a thriller of such unexpected creativity it will leave readers guessing until the very last pageCosta First Novel AwardWinnerOne of Stylist Magazine'sMustRead Books of One of Harper's Bazaar'sMustRead Books of One of Guardian’s Best Books of One of Buzzfeed’sMystery Books You Won’t Be Able to Put DownOne of BookRiot’sMystery and Thriller Authors like Agatha Christie The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is a thriller following an investigation into the murder of a girl who is murdered every singe night The main character switches bodies every day in an attempt to get different points of view And yes, it is wild.So the thing I’ve seen praised about this book is that the plot is ridiculously complex, and it very much is I am in awe over the tight plotting used in this book This must have taken a very long outline and the complexity certainly makes this stand out I think, however, that the marketing has been very focused on plot twists I was only seriously shocked by a few twists reading this book, and I’ve already forgotten what, exactly, it was The delight in this book is not in plot twists, but in seeing the full story come together I will say that the actual ending, though I predicted parts of it, had enough surprises that it was still delightful As with many adult thrillers, I struggled to connect to or care about any of the characters The lead character is almost completely lacking in personality, which makes sense given the entire theme of him being absorbed into bodies, but doesn’t work, as we’re led to believe that he is in constant danger of becoming something awful but never given details to notice or a reason to care There’s a way of writing a compelling character with amnesia; high motivation, people around them we care about, etc, and this book doesn’t do a great job I was mostly, however, really disappointed by the bodies Aiden switches into: almost every person he occupies is a completely terrible person Bell is quite boring and later revealed to be terrible, Mr Collins spends his entire day in agony, Ravencourt is terrible (and for unrelated reasons his section was my absolute least favorite of the book) That’s just the first three, and I will not be going into the rest because they get much worse Something I really enjoyed about this book, however, was the message this book is very focused on realizing the changeability of people, and though I never cared about any of these characters much, I did find myself believing in and enjoying the message I think this message is probably the most daring the book ever gets.So I actually considered and came very close to rating this book a four star, but I found myself forgetting it very quickly With a thriller of this type, I usually would have kept my rating a four no matter how much I forgot However, the fatphobia in this book was utterly ridiculous I found it rather disturbing to read such an absolute distate from the narrator and author for the fatness of the character he inhabits: Ravencourt is described as a “pig” and a “cow” over and over, and repeatedly described as “disgusting” with seemingly no regard for his humanity The voyeuristic imagery of fatness is, exclusively and completely, meant to disgust and shock the audience It is the main thread of a good 20% of the book a few quotes are stated here, and this reviewer only got to the beginning of this section, at 20%, so can I just say: it’s like, five times that many I found this incredibly distasteful from about the third comment on, and the nearconstant repetition of this rhetoric had me wanting to put the book down I'm really wondering what the authorial intent is here, and perhapsimportantly, how the author must interact with overweight people in his own life.I also felt that rape was used as a plot device in a way that made me somewhat uncomfortable – SPOILER: (view spoiler)[a bunch of the book is told through the pov of a person who committed a rape approximately two hours before, and it’s criticized, but… the impacts on the victim are very much ignored (hide spoiler)]

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