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☃ The Authenticity Project  PDF / Epub ✑ Author Clare Pooley – Vejega.info I loved this book The characters were so different from each other that it kept the story interesting It was easy to become passionate for each one I hope that she continues with book 2 I would love to see where the story goes Great job. Omg I really loved this one I wasn t expecting to but I really did I found a little bit of myself in all the characters I loved how funny this was it reminded me of a Sophie Kinsella book The characters were so heartwarming and it gave me all the warm and fuzzy feelings It s a great book to make you feel happy I loved how all the characters were intertwined and the idea of the story, this book was amazing and I m so lucky that I got to read it before it came out So many people in the office have been reading it and loving it and I KNEW I had to find out what everyone was talking about This book is going to explode when it gets released It s amazing and everyone should grab a copy of it A Clever, Uplifting Book That Entertains And Makes You Think Sophie Kinsella, New York Times Bestselling AuthorThe Story Of A Solitary Green Notebook That Brings Together Six Strangers And Leads To Unexpected Friendship, And Even LoveJulian Jessop, An Eccentric, Lonely Artist And Septuagenarian Believes That Most People Aren T Really Honest With Each Other But What If They Were And So He Writes In A Plain, Green Journal The Truth About His Own Life And Leaves It In His Local Caf It S Run By The Incredibly Tidy And Efficient Monica, Who Furtively Adds Her Own Entry And Leaves The Book In The Wine Bar Across The Street Before Long, The Others Who Find The Green Notebook Add The Truths About Their Own Deepest Selves And Soon Find Each Other In Real Life At Monica S CafThe Authenticity Project S Cast Of Characters Including Hazard, The Charming Addict Who Makes A Vow To Get Sober Alice, The Fabulous Mommy Instagrammer Whose Real Life Is A Lot Less Perfect Than It Looks Online And Their Other New Friends Is By Turns Quirky And Funny, Heartbreakingly Sad And Painfully True To Life It S A Story About Being Brave And Putting Your Real Self Forward And Finding Out That It S Not As Scary As It Seems In Fact, It Looks A Lot Like HappinessThe Authenticity Project Is Just The Tonic For Our Times That Readers Are Clamoring For And One They Will Take To Their Hearts And Read With Unabashed Pleasure Let me start by saying I loved this book and its incredible characters I read this book very fast because I needed to know what would happen with everyone Julian is an older lonely man who takes a green notebook and writes down his truth He calls it The Authenticity Project He leaves the notebook in Monica s cafe She reads Julian s truth and adds her own As the notebook travels and new characters are added and you read their truths , you realize how much truth you keep from yourself and your friends I loved this cast of quirky, lovable, real characters This is a book that will stay with me for a very long time I received an advanced readers copy and all opinions are my own. Full Review on The Candid CoverThe Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley is such a fun book to review The characters are quirky and easy to relate to and the concept is really unique This novel will have you feeling all sorts of emotions.What is so intriguing about this book is its little green notebook that contains its authors innermost thoughts and feelings As one can imagine, it becomes cathartic to the characters that write the truth about their lives It is when these characters form friendships and try to help one another, the real story starts to unfold ECLECTIC GROUP OF CHARACTERSThere are quite a few characters in the novel and many different perspectives to keep track of, however the writing makes it easy to follow The group of characters is both eclectic and multigenerational, which adds a real flavour to the novel It is hard to pick a favourite, although Julian is probably the most fun to read about He has so many layers and is so eccentric that there are some real laugh out loud moments in the book GIVES THE READER PAUSEAt first, The Authenticity Project starts off giving the reader lots of pause It really makes you wonder how truthful we really are with one another Would unleashing the truth help us to move forward in our lives Pooley gives some really interesting food for thought in the story that will make you stop and think INTRIGUING CONCEPTThe Authenticity Project is one of those books that should be on everyone s TBR this year It has an especially intriguing concept and a slew of interesting characters to keep you entertained I am looking forward to reading from Clare Pooley. Great characters, whose lifestories I found both relatable and entertaining, and a lovely, engaging style I was drawn in from the first pages and couldn t put down the book until I discovered how the little green notebook tied the lives of these strangers together.Full review to come closer to the publication date February 4th, 2020.Thank you to Edelweiss and Pamela Dorman for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion. Dear Hollywood I think this one would make a great movie, so get on that please 1 Amazingly crafted, colorful, relatable characters with of the moment problems.2 Cinematic filming locations with strong visuals London, Thailand, maybe a bit of Australia3 Romance, love, longing relationships of all kinds 4 A strong message about what it means to be real this is a message WE NEED TO HEAR.5 Full spectrum of human emotion from multigenerational points of view6 Offers insight into the WHY of people s actions7 Makes you want to be a better person8 Reminds us to connect with others to do the things that make an impact in the life of another.9 Uplifting in an age when there s much to complain about10 We need each other Doesn t matter who you are or where you come from Be a part of it. This was so clever and charming While it was a bit overly long in the middle, the author than made up for it with characters that I loved meeting and spending time with This would be a great pick for people who liked Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. This book was absolutely charming Each character has their story to tell and their own authentic selves to share which they do through a notebook Each time a story is told the notebook is then left for someone else to find and because people are essentially good, each new person feels like they should help the person before This results in a chain of good deeds that brings them together and changes their lives Each new writer propels the plot forward as they read the previous stories and take action There are a lot of characters but they are all so different that it was never confusing, even when their stories all connect I quickly grew attached to many of them and even characters I didn t particularly like at first grew on me as I got to know them Things can t be all sunshine and puppies though so you know conflict and drama are coming to tear it all apart I was a bit sad to see the friendships built in the first part of the book break down You would think that with everyone baring their souls in the notebook that they wouldn t be hiding too many secrets from each other but this is absolutely what happens and anguish ensues In the end everyone has some sort of a conclusion to their story and it is for the most part positive and happy, but also bittersweet I became emotionally attached to these characters and I admit I was a bit teary This is a story with a great big heart and a lot of humour It s a feel good read that will make you wonder about the stories of those around you and maybe encourage a little kindness and understanding as everyone has their own authentic selves hidden inside and it may not be the image you see Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada and Viking for providing an Electronic Advance Reader Copy via NetGalley for review. DNFI don t have many books that I couldn t finish, but there have been a few This one now rests among their number.Halfway through the book, I could no longer force myself to wade through page after page of sad people stuck in torturous, pointless lives Perhaps this was uplifting for some, but not me.There are too many other books out there that move me to force myself to read something I don t enjoy.My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher My apologies to the author.

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