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The Benevolent Bride PDF à The Benevolent  Epub / First, the WeddingThen, True Love It was a marriage of convenience but a marriage, nonetheless And no one was pleased than Laura s dear mother, who feared her bookish young daughter was destined for spinsterhood Even so, the dashing widower Lord Eric Delarnore agreed that Laura would make a competent mother to his future heirs It was, after all, a perfect arrangementLaura felt a deep affection for her new husband, a delicate love that was seldom returned But soon, Eric showed her feelings of esteem, friendship, and if Laura was not mistaken inclination Until Laura s sister arrived A famous beauty and notorious flirt, she was also the living image of Eric s late and lovely wife And now, Laura had two rivals in love one, a cherished memory, the other, her own flesh and blood Still, Laura was determined to win her husband s heart no matter how cunning the scheme

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