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The Bigamist  PDF ↠ The Bigamist  PDF or Wow! Just Wow !You have to read it to believe it! It is definitely worth your time to learn of the devious nature of a true sociopath It's frightening and riveting to learn how enmeshed people become. At the end of this book, the author declares, I am not a gullible 'daft lassie' or anybody's fool I am a strong and confident woman, but it's hard to accept that selfassessment after having just read how she bought her husband's absurd lies for six years. From whirlwind romance to gaslighting campaign: this is truth far stranger than fictionWhen Mary met Will Jordan online, she was a single mother who’d given up trying to find Mr Right And yet here he suddenly was: articulate and attractive, with a fascinating background Soon they were in love, and when he proposed after a month it seemed recklessly romanticCaught up in a whirlwind, Mary accepted that Will’s work often took him away from home, out of contact She was his rock, supporting him emotionally when a misunderstanding led to criminal charges, and even selling everything when blackmailers threatened to kidnap their children Together, they took on the worldAnd then one day the phone rang, and a woman introduced herself as ‘the other Mrs Jordan’…In this raw account of deception on a grand scale, Mary Turner Thomson recounts what happened after she discovered every word he’d said, from the very first moment, was a lie This is her painful, humiliating truth—but she tells it for one reason: she too was once a strong, independent woman who would have read all this and thought It could never happen to me… I got through this pretty fast, and it was an absorbing read.It's very easy to sit back and say Just how gullible was she? but having lived through a daughter having a relationship with a sociopath, it's equally easy to see how this can happen.My only quibble would have been why she allowed it to go on for 6 years, but he had her held by fear for most of that, and he was able to keep her under control using that fear, and just ramping it up when she asked questions.I'd hate to be walking a mile in her shoes, that's for sure. When reading 'The Bigamist' it's far too easy to think the author must have been incredibly gullible or stupid to have fallen for her 'husband's lies especially when he starts to bleed her dry for money but I had the impression that Will was such an expert liar that he really did believe the lies he told and the games that he played This is a fascinating read In the same way that you can't look away from a car crash, it's hard to stop reading as the lies pile up and the layers of deceit are unraveled Mary TT is not stupid but I could see how she fell into the traps set by her bigamist fantasist 'husband'.So why only 2 stars? It's not in ANY way to denigrate the suffering of Mary TT or any of the other multiple women abused by this man It's just that a great story doesn't always make a great book This reads like the kind of article you might find in one of those horrible weekly scandal magazines the 'I accidentally married my cat' or 'How I failed to notice my husband was a woman' articles you see in 'Take a Break' and similar As such an article it would have been compelling but it's a bit of a stretch as a full book.There's a good reason that people who've had terrible experiences hire ghost writers because great stories don't necessarily make great books See, I just did what I'm about to complain about; I repeated myself And this book IS really repetitive After the first couple of times Mary arranged to meet up with Will and he didn't show up, you don't need another half dozen examples After the first time he begged for money and promised to pay it back, you don't need a dozenexamples to show you that he's a 'wrongun'.I liked Mary a lot but the book needed some severe editing so that her powerful message of suffering and recovery and her warnings to other young single mothers wouldn't get lost among all the groundhog days of repetitive abuse Or it needed a professional writer to tighten it up a bit That said, I kept reading and I was hooked because hers is a fascinating story but we know the ending before we even start and it's all just a matter of watching that multiple pileup car crash happen on the page in front of us.I wish her well and all the other women he abused and (shockingly) continues to abuse and occasionally wish that justice might be a bitdirect than the system allows As the old joke about castrating tom cats with two bricks goes It doesn't hurt so long as you keep your fingers out of the way. Awful I read up to 75% of this book and could not believe anyone would be so stupid it gives women a bad name .Wow Four stars for bravery One star gone because the editing was poor Toward the end, there were a number of sentences that started with a lowercase letter I wonder if this is because I read the kindle version and not a hard copy? I don't know The whole book was missing commas where needed.That said, the story was gripping and I couldn't put it down It flowed easily Another goodreads commenter said that it read too much like an article in a magazine, but I liked that Maybe because I was reading it on my phone and I never read books on my phone, so it felt like reading an article already All I know is, I was hooked from the sample onand I had to finish, and I'm excited for the sequel I'm so sorry for what Ms Turner Thomson went through, and I am immensely impressed with her bravery and honesty I also appreciated the way she told the story I liked it precisely because she wasn't writing a story; she was telling her story The emotion was left out It was presented as it happened, and it felt like a friend sitting on my couch recounting it for me Nothing dramatic, no flowery prose, just a true and horrible story that she bravely shared because no one else does and she wanted to help others Points all around for that. Read this book! I originally bought this book because at the time it was 0.89 for the Kindle I had just finished watching Sister Wive's and found their nontraditional lifestyle interesting and a bit appealing (from a sharing of duties point of view) I didn't quite understand what this was about In this case Mary Turner Thompson spends 6 years of her life married to a man who has another family that she is completely unaware of He explains his frequent time away as being in the 'CIA' and the lengths that he goes to, to deceive her are disturbing and incredible This is a true story, but reads like a novel I 100% recommend it. I struggle so much with mustering up sympathy for Mary; but I applaud her courage in sharing her story I simply cannot understand how SO MANY red flags were repeatedly ignored, especially upon finding concrete evidence of Will's other family It actually became really frustrating to read and even at the conclusion, I felt that Mary had immersed herself in a victim mentality with little progress in unearthing why she was so ready to believe the outlandish stories of the man she married. I bought this after going to Jon Ronson's Psychopath Night where he had Mary on as a guest I was totally intrigued and wanted to know , but I think the problem with this book is she just isn't an author It's extremely repetitive, which just adds to the reader's frustration at the fact this went on for six years; I understand how it could happen but the way this book is written does not make for an easy read I was also a bit horrified by how obsessed she was by finding out everything about him and what he'd done after she knew the relationship was a lie I think she's brave to write the story, but it just didn't do much for me.

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