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Download ☆ The Black Alabaster Box  By Frances Schoonmaker – It Had Been Quiet Along The Santa Fe Trail For Than A Year When The Stokes Company Set Out For California, The Willis Family Among Them A Reluctant Traveler, Young Grace Willis Longs For Her Fortunate, Safe, And Comfortable Life At Home Just As She Is Learning To Negotiate Life In A Wagon Train, Grace Is Kidnapped By Fellow Travelers And Taken Into Oklahoma Territory She Must Decide If She Will Cave In To Despair Or Muster The Courage To Run Away And Search For Her Parents Grace Finds Help In Unlikely Places She Discovers That There Really Is Such A Thing As Magic, And There Are Some Things Only A Child Can Do

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  1. Jen Jen says:

    Leaving their home in St Louis and heading to California along the Santa Fe Trail, the Willis family embarks on a greater journey than anticipated in The Black Alabaster Box by Frances Schoonmaker.To read this, and other book reviews, visit my website Grace Willis is reluctant to leave the home she knows in St Louis despite her parents keen interest to help others by sharing their medical knowledge out west

  2. Ursula Ursula says:

    As she begins her tale, the author describes the hardships American pioneers faced during the western migration A rich and varied vocabulary, simple sentence constructions, depicts the dangers and suffering endured by the early settlers who helped create our nation I believe young readers will be both delighted and horrified, yet captivated nonetheless, by the many adventures that befall the protagonist, young Grace

  3. Ted Kesler Ted Kesler says:

    The Black Alabaster Box is an action filled adventure that is both historical fiction and fantasy Readers learn about the trials and tribulations of the wagon trains making their way out west from Saint Louis along the Santa Fe Trail through the perspective of ten year old Grace Willis The book covers a lot of terrain and a twenty year time span The author, Frances Schoonmaker, contends with several harrowing topics honestly f

  4. Dawna Mosburg Dawna Mosburg says:

    The Black Alabaster Box is a wonderful read for adults and middle aged children I previously worked on a project with the author and are familiar with her work ethic and integrity Her writing is backed by research I am also familiar with the areas in Oklahoma she refers to in the book It was wonderful to read about them I feel as a school administrator her book has much to offer to students and classroom teachers The life lessons taught

  5. Louise Louise says:

    Just finished a really delightful book the publisher asked me to read called The Black Alabaster Box If you have children 4th to 6th grade I d say this is a great choice for boys or girls Here s my review on and a link to it on as well.Just finished this very well written book that would be perfect for grades 4 6 Some good history combined with some good magic adventure make this a really exciting and interesting read Great messages for kids as

  6. Esther Suh Esther Suh says:

    I m already looking forward to the next book The characters are interesting, the story line engaging, and the historical background thoroughly researched As I was reading, I wanted to visit the places the author described and meet the people she brought to life, especially the twins It s hard to find a book that makes you feel like you are visiting with an old friend, but this book did that for me.The writing flows beautifully and I appreciate the insights

  7. Angela Horjus Angela Horjus says:

    This book is fantastic It weaves history, fantasy, life lessons, and story all into one I could not put it down

  8. Janice Carico Janice Carico says:

    Loved this book It is a great mix of history and fantasy Can t wait until the next one is published.

  9. Liesl Liesl says:

    If you re looking for a book for your middle grade child niece, nephew, cousin, grandkid, etc and the thought of another superhero spin off, brain eating zombie, Olympian god storyline has you wishing for something else out therethis is that something else Something with a bit of magic, something with high adventure, and something of a page turner A family starts out on the Santa Fe trail, but things don t go as smoothly as one might hope There s hardship, there s magic, there s friend

  10. Walter Hill Walter Hill says:

    I accidentally found this book on another site I have two granddaughters who love to read Also, the subject matter brought a lot of memories of stories told to me by both of my grandfathers They knew first hand of the trials and tribulations of the settling of the Southern Plains and Oklahoma This Story by Frances Schoonmaker tracks very closely with all the stories I heard when I was young boy living in the rural areas of the Oklahoma Panhandle Beaver and Texas Counties.This book paints a vivid

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