The Complete Peanuts, 1963-1966 PDF ☆ The Complete

The Complete Peanuts, 1963-1966 PDF ☆ The Complete As they have the previous three holiday seasons, Fantagraphics are offering a boxed set collecting the current and previous volumes, in a new slipcase designed by the award winning graphic novelist, Seth It s the perfect gift book item of the season In The Complete Peanuts this volume is particularly rich in never before reprinted strips Overthan one fifth of the book have never seen the light of day since their original appearance overyears ago, so this will be a trove of undiscovered treasures even for avid Peanuts collectors These lost strips include Linus making a near successful run for class president that is ultimately derailed by his religious beliefs two words great and pumpkin , and Snoopy getting involved with a group of politically fanatical birds One wonders Was it the political edge in these stories that got them consigned to oblivion for so long Also worthy of note is an extended, never reprinted sequence in which Snoopy gets ill and heads to the veterinarian hospitalAlso in this volume Lucy s attempts at improving her friends branches out from her increasingly well visited nickel psychiatry booth to an educational slideshow of Charlie Brown s faults it s so long there s an intermission Also, Snoopy s doghouse begins its conceptual expansion, as Schulz reveals that the dog owns a Van Gogh, and that the ceiling is so huge that Linus can paint a vast and as it turns out unappreciated history of civilization mural on it And baseball continues to be a mainstay Charlie Brown suffers from pitcher s elbow and is replaced by Linus, who turns out to be a vast improvement he also blows several crucial matches through various screw ups one with the little red haired girl in attendance and adding insult to injury, his favorite baseball player is demoted to the minor league The Complete Peanuts features a new introduction by animator Bill Melendez, producer of overPeanuts animated specials and movies, including the classic A Charlie Brown ChristmasIn The Complete Peanuts We are now in the mid s, one of Schulz s peak periods of creativity and one third of the way through the strip s life Snoopy has become the strip s dominant personality, and this volume marks two milestones for the character the first of many dogfights with the nefarious Red Baron, and the launch of his writing career It was a dark and stormy night Two new characters the first two from outside the strip s regular little neighborhood make their bows Roy who befriends Charlie Brown and then Linus at summer camp won t have a lasting impact, but upon his return from camp he regales a friend of his with tales of the strange kids he met, and she has to go check them out for herself Her name Peppermint Patty The Complete Peanuts features a new introduction by Hal Hartley, writer director of acclaimed independent films Trust, Henry Fool, Kimono, Simple Men, The Unbelievable Truth, and Fay Grim

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    At this point, my review is simple If you like the strip, you ll love these books If you don t, you re very peculiar and perhaps a concentrated dose will enlighten you I do find the stripsenjoyable in large doses, allowing me to get caught up in the rhythm of what Schulz was doing.

  2. Michael Michael says:

    Peanuts is really hitting its stride during this period.Schulz was such a genius The psychiatric help stand replacing the lemonade stand is one of the most brilliant images ever to summarize mid 20th century culture And then there s Schroeder at his little piano, Linus and the Great Pumpkin, and of course my profile photo surrog

  3. Jennifer Campaniolo Jennifer Campaniolo says:

    1963 1966 is when the Peanuts cartoons really got good I remember reading many of these strips as a child, but I had forgotten how Peppermint Patty was introduced It s such a treat to read these again as an adult.

  4. Joe Stanton Joe Stanton says:

    wow these comics are so surreal and awesome.

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