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!!> Reading ➹ The Congruent Life  ➱ Author C. Michael Thompson – Vejega.info From Dagwood To Dilbert, The Past Fifty Years Haven T Seen Muchevolution In Our Attitudes Toward Work Too Many Of Us Stillbelieve That Our Work Selves And Our Real Selves, Our Professionaland Personal Lives, Are Separate Entities This Book Is About Howthat Concept Is Slowly, But Surely, Changing It Is About Why It Ischanging And, Most Important, It Is About Why It Must Change CMichael Thompson Takes A Compelling Look At The Connection Betweenour Inner Lives And Our Work Lives And Shows How The Development Ofthe Individual Spirit Can Trigger Not Just Personal Fulfillment, But Much Needed Organizational ChangeAvailable For Sale In The US And Canada Only

10 thoughts on “The Congruent Life

  1. Tyler Tyler says:

    This was a really fascinating book It articulated some ideas about work, spirituality, and finding meaning and purpose in life through work that I have thought a lot about but never put into words before There were a lot of great ideas about the effects of spirituality on human development and how that affects leadership in organizations There was also a lot of solid wisdom abo

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    Makes you really think about whether you re doing the right work are you in a job or are you in a vocation

  3. Anna B Anna B says:

    like Palmers book A Hidden Wholeness better.similar content This book wasn t as deep.maybe bcs I read it second.

  4. Joan Stafford stephens Joan Stafford stephens says:

    Loved this book

  5. Sheila Sheila says:

    very interesting book about the powerful impact spirituality in the work place can have on the success of the organization

  6. Louise Sullivan Louise Sullivan says:

    Very interesting and worth reading Recommended for all servant leaders in training.

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