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[[ Reading ]] ➹ The Cowboy Father Author Linda Ford – Vejega.info With Alberta In The Grip Of The Depression, Louisa Morgan Is Desperate To Bolster Her Family S Finances But How Can She Tutor Bedridden Ellie Hamilton The Little Tomboy Is Interested In Making Mischief Than Studying Sums And The Girl S Bond With Her Handsome Papa Is Another Reminder To Louisa Of The Children She Ll Never HaveFor Emmet Hamilton, Strength Means Shouldering Burdens Alone He Never Thought He D Let Himself Share His Child, Or His Heart, Ever Again But Before Long, Louisa S Kindness And Optimism Start To Change The Cowboy S Mind Maybe He Can Gain The Courage To Trust Again In Louisa, In God S Grace, And In This New Family

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  1. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    The Cowboy Father by Linda Ford 4 STARSThe Cowboy Father follows after The Cowboy Tutor also by Linda Ford.Each book stands alone but I like seeing the characters from one story in a nother Each book tells the story of one of the sisters.In the town of Golden Prairie, Alberta in 1933 they are in the depression and drought times are hard Louisa Morgan s family is strugg

  2. Abbie Abbie says:

    Louise is looking for a job She was very sick and now is hoping to help pay the medical bills by getting a job She is also dealing with the news that she can not have children because of the illness she had The job she ends up getting is to tutor a young girl who has a broken leg and can not going to school Also the girls father is quite handsome and kind and Louise starts t

  3. Brenda Brenda says:

    During the Depression jobs were scarce, so when Louisa Morgan is offered a job tutoring Ellie Hamilton, who is confined to bed in a body cast while she recovers from a broken leg, Louisa sees it as a way to earn some money to help contribute to her families finances Besides she can certainly relate to being sick since she had suffered pneumonia twice as well as a bout of influenza

  4. Andrea Guy Andrea Guy says:

    The Cowboy Father is a very sweet love story It takes place during the depression in Alberta, Canada While the plot is something we ve seen before, the characters are so real that it is easily overlooked.Your first impression of Emmet s daughter, Ellie, is not a good one She s in a body cast after a fall from a tree, breaks her leg I m not sure why a broken leg would require a body cast

  5. Ellen Ellen says:

    Book Description With Alberta in the grip of the Depression, Louisa Morgan is desperate to bolster her family s finances But how can she tutor bedridden Ellie Hamilton The little tomboy isinterested in making mischief than studying sums And the girl s bond with her handsome papa is another reminder to Louisa of the children she ll never have.For Emmet Hamilton, strength means shouldering burd

  6. Lenore Webb Lenore Webb says:

    Well lately I have had the chance to read a romance from Harlequin Love Inspired Historical through NetGallery Yeah, it has been ages since I have read one of these It takes me back to my teen years Way way way back folks But it was nice to have the chance to read something that was light enough to be consumed in a tub soak The Cowboy Father is the third of a series by Linda Ford It started off wit

  7. Ausjenny Ausjenny says:

    Firstly thanks to Netgalley for my review copy This is the second in the series of three brides for three cowboys This time the story is about Louisa who was the child that was sick and often protected because of her illnesses She gets a job as tutor for Ellie who is Emmet s 7 year old daughter who is bed ridden Louisa knows what it s like to miss school due to illness and be kept in bed and wants to hel

  8. Becky Becky says:

    Illness takes away Louisa Morgan s dream of marriage and a house full of children, when she hears that little Ellie Hamilton is in a body cast following a fall from a tree, she puts aside her hurt to tutor the child Her best laid plans come to a quick halt when cunning little Ellie refuses to work Widower Emmett Hamilton tries to protect everyone he cares about, but somehow they still keep getting hurt Ellie i

  9. Glenajo Glenajo says:

    Sweet, but Interesting Christian Love StoryLouisa Morgan spent last year in bed recovering, after almost dying from pneumonia Now, her family, that includes her mother and sisters, is struggling to survive during the depression, after the death of her father Her desire is to somehow add to the family income, taking care of all her doctor s bills, but with her still precarious health, there is lettle she can do The t

  10. Linda Linda says:

    A sweet historical western romance It s the 2nd book in the series Three Brides, Three Cowboys by Linda Ford It s a Love Inspired title There is a bonus story in this book titled Fireworks by Valerie HansenThe write up fromWith Alberta in the grip of the Depression, Louisa Morgan is desperate to bolster her family s finances But how can she tutor bedridden Ellie Hamilton The little tomboy isinterested in making mischief t

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