10 thoughts on “The Doctor Delivers

  1. Ann Torrey Ann Torrey says:

    Good book just ended with unsolved situations which seemed strange.

  2. Gloria Gloria says:

    Liza Colton has a career as a singer Her mother is her manager and is overbearing Liza goes to a local doctor in Saratoga Springs because her voice is going He prescribes food and rest Lots of rest Nick becomes involved in Liza s life and helps her out by hiding her at his house after a man came into the hospital and threatened her Slowly, she trusts Nick with the secret that she has

  3. Mary Lee Shea Mary Lee Shea says:

    Still reading fluff Wish I could go for a drive or out to eat Passing time reading while we wait for the NEW normal.

  4. Brenda Brenda says:

    Liza McGrathDr Hathaway I really liked this book, It was a fun quick read I liked all the characters Liza Colton is a singer on tour when her voice gives out due to exhaustion She has been worried about Emily who is on the run after someone tried to kill her and someone is looking for her too Enter Dr Hathaway, he begins treating Liza and offers her a place to stay His housekeeper Bonni

  5. Ptschutz Ptschutz says:


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