The Fallen and the Elect, Book I - The Eulogy of Angels

The Fallen and the Elect, Book I - The Eulogy of Angels It s certainly different I had a hard time getting into it but finally did I was upset to find out it s a cliffhanger though I guess you have to read all the books to find out what happens. Absolutely riveting stories Very well written, easy to follow, smooth flowing reads with unpredictable surprises around every corner There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat Never boring, a bit scary, but entirely possible I was drawn in from the first page to the last I hated to see the first book end, so I started the second book immediately after the first. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway The plot itself was quite interesting and engaging, however at times it did seem a bit slow, certain things kind of dragged on that had very little importance towards the plot I personally thought the characters were okay, to me, it felt they didn t have enough depth to them Overall, it was an enjoyable read and written well. Thought provokingThe story was well written If you wonder about faith and belief in a supreme being helping humanity The story is very thought provoking and truly make u wonder how much of what was written could became some truth to it Never got boring, well worth reading Thank You Not all angels are the same After the mysterious disappearance of millions across the world, angels begin to present eulogies at random funerals which have become must go to events Hoping to catch a glimpse of a heavenly creature, TV and radio stations hold contests for families of the deceased wanting to fill seats no longer do the city or county funerals for John and Jane Does go unattended For ten years this occurs No one knew where or when one would appear, only that any photograph or video recording of their appearance disappears If someone were to make a drawing, it immediately fades after the angel s departureIt s during one such funeral In Los Angeles where an angel is suspected to be the cause of a fatal event where all but one of the attendees are killed This is where our story begins The Catholic Church dispatches a priest to work with a nun and a former seminary student who have extensive knowledge of angels to begin a detailed investigation of the incident The three follow the trail to a previous angelic event in Mexico here they find it has unanticipated ties to events in Los Angeles What they uncover will lead to a test of each of their beliefs, and answers to questions they never anticipated

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