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[ Reading ] ➸ The Gathering Night Author Margaret Elphinstone – Vejega.info Between Grandmother Mountain And The Cold Sea, Alaia And Her Family Live Off The Land But When One Of Her Brothers Goes Hunting And Never Returns, The Fragile Balance Of Life Is Upset Half Starved And Maddened With Grief, Alaia S Mother Follows Her Visions And Goes In Search Of Her Lost Son Then A Stranger From A Rival Tribe Appears On Their Hearth Seeking Shelter Are His Stories Of A Great Wave And A People Perished Really To Be Believed What Else Could Drive A Man To Travel Alone Between Tribes In The Depths Of Winter Hopes Of Resolution Come When Alaia S Mother Returns Home As A Go Between, One Able To Commune With The Spirits But As All The Auk People Come Together For Their Annual Gathering Night, Who There Will Listen To The Voice Of A Woman The Gathering Night Is A Story Of Conflict, Loss, Love, Adventure And Devastating Natural Disasters This Utterly Enchanting Pre Historical Novel Is Set Deep In Our Stone Age Past, But Resonates As A Parable Of Our Troubled Planet Years On

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  1. Captain Sir Roddy, R.N. (Ret.) Captain Sir Roddy, R.N. (Ret.) says:

    Wonderfully written and engaging story about the peoples who lived in mesolithic Scotland some 8,000 10,000 years ago Told from the points of view of the many different characters in the novel and it all worked well together This book emphasizes the profound connection that these prehi

  2. Iset Iset says:

    I should have liked this book It s well written, the plot is tight and clearly planned out no meandering or filler scenes here and it kicks off with a mystery and develops into a complex character drama On top of that, the book is thoroughly researched and the author utilises that knowledge to

  3. Annette Annette says:

    funny thing I had almost finished this book when I discovered there was an italian edition.Now, while I have no problems at all with reading books in english, of course I prefer reading in my mother tongue, if I can choose The tentation of headdesking was strong Then, I learned that the italian ebook

  4. Annette Summerfield Annette Summerfield says:

    I m going to pass on this one right now I read all the reviews and maybe I will pick it up again some day Right now it isn t catching my interest.

  5. Eleanor Eleanor says:

    It was well written, with lovely descriptions of the Mesolithic Scottish landscape 7,000 years ago The author has done a lot of research into what is quite a mysterious period of prehistory I am fascinated by the Mesolithic and am really glad someone has written a novel on it Jean M Auel s prehistoric series is of co

  6. Fiona Hurley Fiona Hurley says:

    copied from my original review on .co.uk A geologically documented tsunami, a scattering of archaeological evidence, the shamanistic beliefs of hunter gatherer societies Elphinstone has used these ingredients to recreate a prehistoric world Her research is admirable, but evenso is her talent for conjuring up the distant past

  7. Lucy Lucy says:

    This my second read for this great novel I liked it eventhe second time The world building of a Mesolithic settlement in Scotland is outstanding The characters tell their own story many years later at a clan gathering so that the younger members will know some of the reasons for their history It s a plausible device, which I appreci

  8. Jack Deighton Jack Deighton says:

    This is set in Mesolithic Scotland, a time about which very little is known This gives Elphinstone scope to portray a fully imagined subsistence society with its own mythology and belief systems Its characters live off the land and sea and feel close to the animals they hunt and the spirits which govern all their interactions Since it makes

  9. Robert Robert says:

    The Gathering Night is a novel set in pre history We listen to a bunch of people telling a story about a decisive time in their community, over the course of several evenings They tell the story of how one young man disappeared without a trace, how his mother mourned and changed, and how a stranger arrived, displaced by the total destruction of his

  10. Jim Jim says:

    It s not fast paced but it is really engaging The story is told from the viewpoint of several narrators sitting round the camp fire during the Mesolithic era in Scotland And these are indeed different people but they speak with a collective voice which illustrates the communal nature of their existence There is a little repetition of scenes from these diff

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