The Ghost Boat ePUB ´ The Ghost eBook Û

The Ghost Boat ePUB ´ The Ghost  eBook Û The ghost of a drowned fisherman rows his boat across the moonpath by night, leaving it waterlogged among the lake weeds by day Or was it only imagination that propelled the boat The four Richards children and their friend Kenny frighten themselves nearly out of their wits trying to find the answer to this question taken from inside of book

10 thoughts on “The Ghost Boat

  1. Danna Danna says:

    Another treasure found through resellers ona hardcover copy in great condition, signed by the author This was one of my favorites from grade school and I m so pleased that it stands the test of time Jackson captures the interactions and inner thoughts of the children so authen

  2. Steph Steph says:

    loved this book when i was a kid borrowed it from the library many times as an adult, managed to track down a hardcover copy i reread it every now again spooky adventures of imaginative children one of those books i wish i could ve lived in loved this book when i was a kid borrowe

  3. Arwen Arwen says:

    An all time favorite This book was such fun got me hooked on mysteries and ghostly tales

  4. Paula Paula says:

    One of my favorites as a kid.

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