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[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Girl with the Louding Voice ❤ Abi Dare – Vejega.info Full review to follow Wonderful book This book blew me away The unique style for which it was written and the powerful impact it left made this an easy 5 stars for me The author does an impeccable job at inviting you into Adunni s life and making you feel the landscape of Nigeria throughout the entire story Sprinkled with facts about Nigeria and full of emotion, this story is one that I will think about long after the book is closed If this is not yet on your lists, do yourself a favor and add it asap This is captivating story is going to be hard to knock off my 2020 top ten list. All the stars RTC 4,5 5 stars THE GIRL WITH THE LOUDING VOICE centers around the life of Adunni a fourteen year old Nigerian girl who doesn t want to follow the destiny of all the Nigerian girls and desires to choose her own future.The first chapter already had me infuriated I found myself helpless in front of the cultural imposition Abi Dare does a fantastic job tackling issues of sexism, marriage, parenting, futility, negativity of a patriarchal society and women s inequality Having read a great amount of stories in which women are culturally less worthy, I still found it unbelievable how women are regarded as meaningless, when they don t have voice for marriage or anything that we consider fundamental I was totally invested in the story and the slangs made it even authentic The characters were developed in complexity and I felt connected with them I personally loved Adunni she was an image of a girl with dreams, being innocent and at the same time, having a good notion of the dangers surrounding her Her curious nature had me thinking of the fact that people shouldn t just accept their realities and live with it I enjoyed how the characters were down to earth and sympathized with the sisterhood between Adunni and Khadija Also, how inspiring and impactful was the figure of Tia and Kofi in Adunni s life The facts about Nigeria in each chapter were utterly interesting it shows that Nigeria is a wealthy country while having so much poverty and inequality I devoured this book yet I didn t want it to end I only wished there was about the characters future in the end.Through stunning writing, THE GIRL WITH THE LOUDING VOICE is a powerful and eye opening debut that I can t recommend enough It reminded me a bit of A thousand splendid suns which I loved I received an ARC from the publisher and all opinions are my own A Powerful, Emotional Debut Novel Told In The Unforgettable Voice Of A Young Nigerian Woman Who Is Trapped In A Life Of Servitude But Determined To Get An Education So That She Can Escape And Choose Her Own Future Adunni Is A Fourteen Year Old Nigerian Girl Who Knows What She Wants An Education This, Her Mother Has Told Her, Is The Only Way To Get A Louding Voice The Ability To Speak For Herself And Decide Her Own Future But Instead, Adunni S Father Sells Her To Be The Third Wife Of A Local Man Who Is Eager For Her To Bear Him A Son And HeirWhen Adunni Runs Away To The City, Hoping To Make A Better Life, She Finds That The Only Other Option Before Her Is Servitude To A Wealthy Family As A Yielding Daughter, A Subservient Wife, And A Powerless Slave, Adunni Is Told, By Words And Deeds, That She Is NothingBut While Misfortunes Might Muffle Her Voice For A Time, They Cannot Mute It And When She Realizes That She Must Stand Up Not Only For Herself, But For Other Girls, For The Ones Who Came Before Her And Were Lost, And For The Next Girls, Who Will Inevitably Follow She Finds The Resolve To Speak, However She Can In A Whisper, In Song, In Broken English Until She Is Heard It may be bold to say, but this is the best book I ve ever read This is a masterfully crafted combination of flawless literary fiction and astounding cultural statisticsI want than just a voice, I want a louding voice I want to enter a room and people will hear me even before I open my mouth to be speaking I want to live in this life and help many people so that when I grow old and die, I will still be living through the people I am helping I ve said this before, and I firmly believe it still books have so much power to move us, change us, and teach us The Girl With A Louding Voice exemplifies a reality that will render you completely heartsick, but will also squeeze out every ounce of compassion within your heart for others and their experiences A story that encourages a momentous rising of grace and empathy A reshaping happens during these pages A powerful combination of prose, people, and culture a loud debut that deserves to be heard I think we as humans should always be looking for ways to make a positive difference we should always be open minded and vigilant to what is happening around the world I am thankful for books written by own voice authors that give us a new perspective into things we may not have known much about beforehandI want to tell her that God is not a cement building of stones and sand That God is not for all that putting inside the house and locking Him there I want her to know that the only way to know if a person find God and keep Him in their heart is to check how the person is treating other people, if he treats people like Jesus says with love, patience, kindness, and forgiveness This was a book written from the voice of a girl who desires to be heard The characters are fully dimensional I felt their pain and sorrow so deeply The descriptions that showed the reader into Nigerian culture were vivid and palpable The writing was immersive, and I felt as if I was being told someone s life story while being face to face with themBecause it is true, the future is always working, always busy unfolding better things, and even if it doesn t seem so sometimes, we have hope of it This was an all embracing story about strength, pain, and the bravery a girl has to dream for a life beyond the limitations she s been bound to We live through our faith our faith is what can propel us forward through our despair. 2,5 stars I realize I m in minority here but I just couldn t give the book stars It took a while to get use to the language, it s written in rather bad English the way Adunni talks but after a while it was OK Adunni is the fourteen year old girl who wants a louding voice, she wants it s so loud that the whole Nigeria can hear her All she dreams of is to be a teacher and have a classroom full of children that listens to her Too bad her father has other plans for her, like marrying her off to an older man for a lot of money, against Adunnis will During the whole story it s almost palpable, Adunnis dream to be an educated person In that way I like the story but I didn t like how Adunni sometimes were so stupid it was embarrassing The author did a poorly job with her Being a fourteen year old girl and not know your traditions and culture about marriage is very naive and behaving like a spoiled brat is not a compelling trait I could say a lot about Adunni but I would spoil events for you then Thank you to the publisher and Edelweiss for the free copy in exchange for an honest review. Incredible I was drawn by the cover initially and intrigued by the description as I enjoy literature focused outside the US and UK but don t read nearly enough of it I was lucky enough to snag an ARC from NetGalley.This was unique for me in a couple ways first that while most African set fiction I read is Nigerian or South African, this was the first that wasn t completely based in Lagos or other cities we got to Lagos eventually but experience a good portion of small village life first Secondly, this was a first person account in dialect generally when things are entirely dialect, I need an audio version because I can listen much easier than read it I had no problem here and fell easily into the rhythm I ve been completely spellbound by Adunni s coming of age story the last few nights The story begins with her life in a village, being promised to an older man as his third wife when she s 14 and segues into her day to day working as housemaid in a rich Lagos household I won t spoil the journey there Adunni is wise, intelligent, and works ceaselessly to finding a better life, where she can use her louding voice to help others like her This was an emotionally draining and eye opening narrative but a thousand times worth it I just wish we could join Adunni in her next stage of life and see what happens next However you re left satisfied and optimistic that she will go on to great things Highly recommended. via my blog But I don t want to born anything now How will a girl like me born childrens Why I fill up the world with sad childrens that are not having a chance to go to school Why make the world to be one big, sad, silent place because all the childrens not having a voice Adunni s mother once told her that an education is the only way for a Nigerian girl to have a louding voice Without an education, a woman cannot speak up for herself, will never be able to support a life of her own, nor have any say at all in what happens to her body, mind and soul After the worst day of Adunni s life, schooling is a long forgotten dream and all hopes die It is after a tragic loss that her father demands Adunni be a dutiful daughter and become a third wife to a much older man, the taxi driver Morufu This is the only way she can save her family when her father cannot afford the rent any, bad enough he couldn t afford to let her continue her education, but a threat looms and he could lose the roof over their heads As a daughter, her bride price will be enough to pay the community rent so that her brother Kayus and father won t be kicked out But in forcing Adunni, only fourteen years old, to marry an old fool he is breaking a promise to her mother She must do as she s told, never in a million years would she see her father and little brother homeless, hungry.Just like that she is married off and slaving away as a third wife, hated by the first, Labake Her welcome isn t warm, it is a cold threat, When I finish with you in this house, you will curse the day your mother born you To first wife, Adunni is a husband snatcher, there to birth him children and try to replace her What good is a woman if she isn t fertile Yet, this isn t the worst of what Adunni will suffer through She will do her time in Morufu s house, where he is king to long suffering women who provide him with useless daughters She learns fast just what it means for a man to have the devil inside of him Obey, or there will be beatings If she runs away, then what will that mean for her family who are now well fed Her husband is, after all, considered a rich man in his village who else has two cars Running away isn t necessarily the road to salvation A girl with nothing is reliant on the kindness of strangers and too easily fooled into situations as bad as the ones she escaped from Ignorance and youth make it impossible to navigate the brutality of those who would use it to their advantage It is a crime to run, therefore what other choice is there than to bow your head in respect, work your fingers to the bone and endure, endure all manner of abuse, endure others taking their cut from your servitude If the man of the house comes sniffing around, you do your best to hide Sexual advances are the least she has to fear Sometimes it is the women who are the biggest monsters Take your beatings, do your duty even though it will never be good enough, even though the woman of the house will take her heartbreak out on you.Through her suffering, Adunni also uncovers the horrible stories of the girls who have walked this exact path before her Despite the violence, Adunni remains steadfast that she must do everything in her power to find her louding voice This requires outwitting those who have all the power, and pushing herself despite her exhaustion, fear, and the constant reminder that she is nothing and never will be She mustn t believe what the others tell her, that it s best to accept her station in life and stop her flights of fancy, imaging she could ever be than a workhorse for others She must remember her mothers dream for her, and use her words as a guiding light in these darkest of times.This novel is painful because it sheds light on what is happening in other countries Girls are trafficked and forced into modern day slavery, a female child a commodity when one can t afford to feed their other children, especially the male children Daughters are sold to afford a better life for everyone else, and this is modern times We take for granted the luxury of an education at it s most elementary level We fear having the opportunity to send our children to college, imagine not having the money for basic schooling In this novel, Morufu s hunger for an heir exposes how women are always the curse , the failure His first wife s animosity is a matter of her being not right in the head , to Morufu s way of thinking, yet what drove her to rage, madness Imagine the demands, the crushing weight of the pain all three wives endure, all because of old beliefs A devil inside of him, indeed.There is hope for Adunni through a sisterhood bond but other girls aren t so lucky It s eye opening It is a relief to know the freedoms of the Western World and yet trafficking of human beings happens here too so I am not getting on some high horse Village life in Nigeria for Adunni is certainly not like our modern ways and superstitions still run rampant Sacrificing goats in the hopes of birthing a son, killed for loving someone who was forced to marry another, marrying girls to old men so they can use their burgeoning fertility and have sons it can feel like the dark ages, yet it is reality for many Disposable girls, buried futures but Adunni may just find her voice Publication Date February 4, 2020Penguin GroupDutton Abi Dar is a new, important voice bringing attention to the issues still plaguing young people in Nigeria who are essentially being sold into a slave trade, working for free for the rich in Lagos The story takes place in 2014 2015 during the most turbulent change of Adunni s life following her abrupt marriage to a much older man who already had two wives and was desperate to have a son, the sudden illness of the pregnant second wife, and Adunni s running away from the village to a family friend who, though dying, is able to call in a favor in time just before her furious father and brother can track her down and drag her back to her husband s home Unfortunately, her way out is in to the luxurious home of a wealthy woman with a thriving textile business, a short temper, and a philandering husband She and the cook warn young Adunni, then not even 15 years old, to stay away from the husband lest she get herself into trouble Despite the promise of money a few months later, her handler, the employment agent the woman pays directly, never gets back in touch thus shorting Adunni of every paycheck and any possibility of a getting away from the daily beatings and near starvation she endures She finds some solace in her friendship with the cook and one of the woman s neighbors who retains an empathy that her employer clearly does not Though the story is heartbreaking, Adunni s resilient spirit is wonderful and worth the worry and hurt this book is sure to wreak.

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