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The Haunting of H G Wells: A Novel PDF ò The Haunting I have very mixed feelings about this book There are parts I loved, and parts I really did not like.We follow HG Wells as he travels to the front to write a morale boosting story during WWI There he discovers a plot against the British, and back home gets himself quite involved in saving king and country We also follow Jane, his wife, who together with the local doctor hides a young German soldier in her attic.And I adored these parts of the book Jane is just wonderful and I could easily read a book just about her I also feel Robert caught HG very well (comparing it to other books I have read featuring the author) He has definitely done his research and you can feel that in many aspects of the story The secret plot was sufficiently threatening and scary and cleverly linked to HG Wells An excellent and very enjoyable read, if it had stayed with these plot lines.But then we get to the things I didn't like Rebecca Yes, I am well aware that HG had an, let's call it open marriage, and that Rebecca was a real person he had a relationship with However, I don't feel why this needs to be such a big part of the book, overshadowinginteresting plot points Adding to that, I really didn't like Rebecca She was annoying, and I didn't find her relationship with HG believably written (even though I again know it is based on truth, I felt no chemistry) I ended up skimming her chapters, and could still follow the story just fine. I would have preferred that her page time was given to the 'haunting', because as it is the title of this book is incredibly misleading The actual haunting is a very small part of the book, and not explained at all It left me incredibly confused I would have been fine with it if it was PTSD But then what are these ghouls? And what about the prologue? I am so confused!So I don't quite know if I would recommend this book I really liked parts of it, but I have also never been so annoyed by a POV that I just skipped that character The writing was good though, and some of the other books by this author sound very interesting to me so I might give those a go I just don't quite know what to think of this one H.G Wells is sent to the trenches of the First World War by his friend Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, to write moraleboosting reports on the war effort He witnesses the horrors of the war firsthand, is nearly killed by an explosion, but is saved by a group of multinational deserters living in abandoned tunnels One of them, a former German officer, gives him a notebook that details a bioterror plot against London.Returning to London, he and Rebecca West, a feminist journalist and his latest extramarital paramour, try to figure out the plot and identify the terrorist He is helped along the way by premonitions provided by periodic visits from the ghosts of soldiers he met in the trenches who have since died Meanwhile, back at his country house, his wife is hiding an injured German soldier who survived a Zeppelin crash.Robert Masello specializes in these kind of historical novels with supernatural elements, some of his other novels centering on Albert Einstein and Robert Louis Stevenson Wells is well known, as of course is Churchill Rebecca West was also a reallife person who had an affair with Wells and was an accomplished writer in her own right Also among the cast of supporting characters are other historical personalities, like the notorious Aleister Crowley (although the reallife Crowley had relocated to America by the time World War I broke out).The device of having Wells's PTSD manifest itself in the form of ghosts of soldiers works well It is in fact the best thing about the story, since their premonitions invariable steer Wells in the right direction The Haunting of H.G Wells is a rewarding read, a quick and entertaining read It even manages to hit upon some deeper issues about gender equality, the horrors of technological warfare, and in the current environment of a viral pandemic (even though it was written well before this outbreak), the terror of biological agents Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for access to an advance reading copy. Robert Masello seems to choose a famous individual to fill the pages of his novels that come across in an entertaining and fast paced format I have picked up a few of Masello's other works and have enjoyed those also H.G Wells is the highlight in this story and has just the right amount of action, romance, and historical facts A copy of this book was provided by 47 North via NetGalley with no requirements for a review Comments here are my honest opinion. I have found there is never an easy way to write a review for books I have mixed feelings about This is one such book for me, where I found myself enjoying some parts and really disliking others Set at the beginning years of WWI in 19141915, the main story begins when Churchill asks Wells to go to the front lines of the war He needs Wells to go and find stories from the front that will inspire and encourage those back home If you've seen any recent WWI movies showing the trenches and how they were structured, along with underground tunnels then you will have a good reference for this part of the story It is here he meets various individuals and learns of their stories, both of which will remain with him for quite a while Although shorter than I would have liked, this section was my favorite.Initially, it was the 'Haunting' part of the title that drew me to this book I knew from the description that there was a secret plot against London, but for me that was secondary to the haunting piece of it With this in mind, the story stars off great The prologue opens up the story and immediately captured a tone I enjoy But once the prologue was over the mood shifts and although the haunting of H.G Wells does occur later in the story it never again captures the tone I had been expecting But there were aspects of the haunting that I did enjoy, such as who the haunters were and how the sights and sounds he experienced played a role.One aspect of the story the author does a very good job of is introducing you to the world of Wells We often look at certain time periods and will make assumptions on certain roles or ways of living But here we get the opportunity to see a different aspect of this era by introducing us to the Fabian society or The Freewoman magazine These organizations and others are historical and can be easily searched on using the Internet Yet my mind is so accustomed to that postVictorian era being a certain way that their progressiveness and free thinking was difficult to wrap my head around Along those lines, one of my main struggles were with H.G Wells himself along with Rebecca West Prior to reading the story, I was unaware of how unfaithful he was in his marriage Here we not only learn about Rebecca, but she soon becomes an integral part of the story Perhaps I am too oldfashioned or perhaps I never could adjust to how progressive this was for that era, but I did struggle with their relationship and with Rebecca getting such a large story However, H.G.'s wife also has a role too for a few chapters I'm not very sure what her story line brought to the table as a whole, except to show a contrast to H.G.'s story in France He is at the front where men are fighting for their lives, but while there a war in France the war is also at the home front too The story is wellwritten and provides good context to a very famous author and his life I also learned quite a few things I didn't know about this time period prior to reading it But even though there are parts of this book I enjoyed, I'm not sure I can necessarily recommend it. A plot against England that even the genius of H G Wells could not have imagined It’sThe Great War grips the world—and from the Western Front a strange story emerges…a story of St George and a brigade of angels descending from heaven to fight beside the beleaguered British troops But can there be any truth to it?H G Wells, the most celebrated writer of his day—author of The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man—is dispatched to find out There, he finds an eerie wasteland inhabited by the living, the dead, and those forever stranded somewhere in between…a noman’sland whose unhappy souls trail him home to London, where a deadly plot, one that could turn the tide of war, is rapidly unfoldingIn league with his young love, the reporter and suffragette Rebecca West, Wells must do battle with diabolical forces—secret agents and depraved occultists—to save his sanity, his country, and ultimately the world Not Really About the HauntingI'll admit I was drawn to this book by the title, as I do like stories with a paranormal element Despite its prominence in the title, this aspect was downplayed, to the novel’s detriment Before moving on to other things that bothered me, I have to say that the author has an excellent writing style It is smooth and easy to read, and clearly, the author has done his research about H G Wells and World War I It was fun to see other real people, like Winston Churchill, incorporated into the story as well I thought, though, that there was perhaps too much going on, particularly with subplots and emphases that detracted from the main plot I didn't see much point to Wells’ wife Jane’s subplot with the Zeppelin crash survivor I also felt like too much of the story was told from Rebecca's/Cicily’s viewpoint that didn't add to the main thrust of the story I know she was actually a part of H G Wells’ life, an extramarital relationship, but I didn't sense a spark between them that I like to see in a romantic subplot Just a little would have been nice since she was so much a part of the book I didn't find her character particularly likable anyway, and a believable romantic relationship might have helped or at least cemented her place within the novel Truly, I would have preferred that the time spent on these subplots and distractions was usedon the “haunting” aspect Those moments certainly added interest and provided direction when they showed up Because of these issues, I can't really say that I enjoyed this story, but I did like the author's writing style and may check out his other books to see if they keep the good aspects in this book without its pitfalls.I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review. “The Haunting of H G Wells” by Robert Masello attracted me by its creativity and inventiveness The novel also challenged me due to its overthetop creativity and inventiveness I suspect that this book would have “jazzed” me in my teens and twenties; however, as an old codger having just reached senior citizen official status I found myself first picking up then putting down then again picking up this Advanced Readers Copy supplied by NetGalley.Masello has written a fastpaced novel of suspense and takes some famous folks out of history, namely Winston Churchill and H.G Wells, and puts them into the horror of the front lines of World War 1 While in the midst of the war Wells witnesses the nightmares of battles and these trigger ghostly premonitions that follow him upon his return to London I shan’t give away the major plot points: there is a young lover who comes alongside Wells to help decipher a notebook with mysteries within Enjoy the read and strap in for the wild ride! Thanks to Net Galley for providing this book!The Haunting of H.G Wells wouldn't be a typical book for me, however, haunting was in the title (Yes I'm a sucker for the supernatural).  Even though the book was well written, it moved like molasses for me.  The point was to set the story and the scene for that period, as Wells was haunted by his transgressions and time spent on the Western Front.When the story moved towards the war my receptors kicked in and my eyes glazed over as the book moved even slower for me.  It did pick up towards the end, as the real plot emerged, but there were other areas that I was unsure about or wondered why they were included, as they didn't help to connect the story for me.  All in all this is a good story and a great read if you like period pieces about the war. I stopped at 68% when the only character I cared about was needlessly killed.It’s fiction set during World War I in England and also briefly the Belgian front, with historical figures such as Churchill in contrived situations.The book starts appealingly with a fantasy of Saint George sending help to the UK soldiers who are hopelessly outnumbered Then it splinters into several tracks: scifi writer Wells, his wife left at home, a young woman reporter, a teen German soldier in hiding in the English countryside, and a German(?) scientist working on a mad plot.Lots of appealing characters are killed, and it seems the reward for kindness is pain or death There are very explicit details of the carnage: “The second shot exploded the teddy bear he had clutched to his chest.”Wells sees ghosts, but by then I had lost interest. Theyou read the book and get acquainted with all the characters, you just cannot believe your luck ! I wish that the story would not end , that I could go back toadventures The introduction sets the action during the first world war, and next we embark on a journey through fears, love, adventures, spiritism, and heroism We learn about great figures and we see the everyday combat of people like you and me The baddies are highly convincing I just enjoyed reading every single sentences and wish forPrepare to sit on the edge of your seat I'm definitely going to readbooks from Robert Masello, I am so happy to have discovered this book and author thankfully to Net Galley I have already highly recommended this book and author.

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